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Full – Service Solutions

Full – Service Solutions from Electro Rent help you to manage the lifecycle of all your test equipment. Electro Rent offers a range of services to support the lifecycle management of your test equipment. As an experienced asset management company for almost 50 years, we can share our knowledge with you to help you optimize your test equipment expenditure, maximize the return from your current assets and plan effectively for your future needs.

Electro Rent offers a range of services to support the management of your test equipment assets - from equipment analysis to acquisition through to implementation, including ultimately its disposal.


With Electro Rent’s flexible approach we can provide just the services you need to be successful.

Electro Rent's Full – Service solutions give you complete flexibility. Unlike asset management solutions from other companies, you are not forced into a major strategic decision that delegates your equipment ownership tasks to a third party management and/or software company. You keep control of your own assets so you can adjust your needs to your ever-changing business situation. You can select just the services that make the most sense in your environment.