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Signal Generators

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Versatile Generators to Meet Any Testing Needs

Whatever your application is, Electro Rent has a signal generator that can help. The signal coverage offered by these generators is available in a wide range. Each versatile generator can create a virtually unlimited number of signals in any style: analog or digital, ideal or distorted, standard or custom.

Our inventory includes RF, arbitrary function, and vector signal generators to meet any test requirements your system has. Generators even produce realistic signal simulations, so you get the best results possible. No matter which generator you choose, you’ll find a generator that offers high performance at a cost effective price.

Generators from Leading Manufacturers

When you need a quality new or used signal generator, find it at Electro Rent. We have generators available from leading global manufacturers including Anritsu, IFR Systems, Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Spectracom, and Tektronix.

A Flexible Solution for Your Company

Electro Rent is happy to offer a number of signal generators for lease or purchase. We have flexible long and short-term solutions that fit your needs and your budget. Reach out to us today to learn more about our equipment options. Call us at 800-553-2255 for U.S. locations, 800-327-0302 for Canada locations, and 001-877-774-1118 for Mexico locations.

Aeroflex (formerly IFR/Marconi)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • MAR-2024
  • 10kHz-2.4GHz Signal Generator
  • MAR-2026B
  • 2.51GHz RF Signal Generator
    Analog DevicesDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • ANG-HMC-T2220B
  • Portable Synthesized Signal Generator 10MHz-20GHz
    AnritsuDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • ANR-3743A
  • Frequency Extension Module
  • ANR-69317B
  • 10MHz-8.4GHz Microwave CW GeneratorUsed
  • ANR-MG3692B
  • 2GHz-20GHz Microwave CW GeneratorUsed
  • ANR-MG3692C
  • 2GHz-20GHz Microwave CW Generator
  • ANR-MG3694B
  • 2GHz-40GHz Microwave CW Generator
  • ANR-MG3694C
  • 2GHz-40GHz Microwave signal generator
    IFR SystemsDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • IFR-3416
  • 250kHz-6GHz RF Signal GeneratorUsed
    Keithley Instruments, IncorporatedDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KTH-2910
  • 400MHz - 2.5GHz Signal Generator Vector
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-3325B
  • 1uHz-21MHz Synthesizer
  • KT-3335A
  • 200Hz-81MHz Synthesizer/Function Generator
  • KT-83595A
  • 0.01-26.5GHz RF plug-in for 8350B
  • KT-83620B
  • 10MHz-20GHz Synthesized SweeperUsed
  • KT-83623B
  • 10MHz-20GHz Synthesized Sweeper
  • KT-83624B
  • 2GHz-20GHz Synthesized SweeperUsed
  • KT-83630B
  • 10MHz-26.5GHz Synthesized SweeperUsed
  • KT-83640B
  • 10MHz-40GHz Synthesized Sweeper
  • KT-83650A
  • 10MHz-50GHz Synthesized Sweeper
  • KT-83650B
  • 10MHz-50GHz Synthesized Sweeper
  • KT-83650L
  • 10MHz-50GHz CW signal generator
  • KT-83732B
  • 10MHz-20GHz SynthesizerUsed
  • KT-83752A
  • Synthesized Sweeper, 0.01-20GHz
  • KT-83752B
  • 10MHz-20GHz Synthesizer
  • KT-8644A
  • 252kHz-1030MHz Sythesized signal generator
  • KT-8644B
  • 252kHz-1030MHz Synthesizer
  • KT-8648C
  • 9kHz-3.2GHz RF Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-8648D
  • 9kHz-4GHz RF Signal Generator
  • KT-8663A
  • 100kHz-2560MHz RF Signal Generator
  • KT-8665A
  • 100kHz-4.2GHz RF Signal Generator
  • KT-8665B
  • 100kHz-6GHz RF Signal Generator
  • KT-E4422B
  • 250kHz-4GHz ESG-A RF Signal Generator
  • KT-E4426B
  • 250kHz-4GHz ESG-AP RF Signal Generator
  • KT-E4428C-503
  • 250kHz-3GHz ESG Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E4428C-506
  • 250kHz-6GHz ESG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E4432B
  • 250kHz-3GHz RF Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E4433B
  • 250kHz-4GHz ESG-D RF Signal Generator
  • KT-E4437B
  • 250kHz-4GHz ESG-DP RF Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E4438C-502
  • 250kHz-2GHz ESG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E4438C-503
  • 250kHz-3GHz ESG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E4438C-504
  • 250kHz-4GHz ESG Vector Signal Generator
  • KT-E4438C-506
  • 250kHz-6GHz ESG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E8257C-520
  • 250kHz-20GHz PSG Synthesized Signal Generator
  • KT-E8257D-520
  • 250kHz-20GHz PSG Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E8257D-521
  • 10MHz-20GHz PSG Ultrahigh output power Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E8257D-532
  • 250kHz-31.8GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E8257D-540
  • 250kHz-40GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E8257D-550
  • 250kHz-50GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E8257D-567
  • 250kHz-67GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E8257DS10
  • 75GHz-110GHz Millimeter Source module
  • KT-E8257DS12
  • 60GHz-90GHz Millimeter source module
  • KT-E8257DS15
  • 50GHz-75GHz Millimeter Source module
  • KT-E8257DV10
  • 75GHz-110GHz Millimeter wave frequency extension module
  • KT-E8267D-520
  • 250kHz-20GHz PSG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E8267D-532
  • 250kHz-31.8GHz PSG Vector Signal Generator
  • KT-E8267D-544
  • 250kHz-44GHz PSG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-E8663B-503
  • 100kHz-3.2GHz Analog signal generator
  • KT-E8663D-503
  • 100kHz-3.2GHz PSG RF Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-E8663D-509
  • 100kHz-9GHz PSG RF Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-M9381A-F03
  • PXIe Vector Signal Generator: 1MHz to 3GHz
  • KT-M9381A-F06
  • PXIe Vector Signal Generator: 1MHz to 6GHz
  • KT-N5171B-503
  • 9kHz-3GHz EXG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-N5171B-506
  • 9kHz-6GHz EXG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-N5172B-503
  • 9kHz-3GHz EXG Vector Signal Generator
  • KT-N5172B-506
  • 9kHz-6GHz EXG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5173B-520
  • 9kHz-20GHz EXG Microwave analog signal generator
  • KT-N5173B-532
  • 9kHZ-31.8GHz EXG Microwave analog signal generator
  • KT-N5173B-540
  • 40GHz EXG Microwave analog signal generator
  • KT-N5181A-503
  • 100kHz-3GHz MXG Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5181A-506
  • 100kHz-6GHz MXG Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5181B-503
  • 9kHz-3GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator
  • KT-N5181B-506
  • 9kHz-6GHz MXG Analog Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5182A-503
  • 100kHz-3GHz MXG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5182A-506
  • 100kHz-6GHz MXG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5182B-503
  • 9kHz-3GHz MXG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5182B-506
  • 9kHz-6GHz MXG Vector Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5183A-520
  • 100kHz-20GHz MXG Analog Microwave Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5183A-532
  • 100kHz-31.8GHz MXG Analog Microwave Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5183A-540
  • 100kHz-40GHz MXG Analog Microwave Signal Generator
  • KT-N5183B-520
  • 9kHz-20GHz MXG Analog microwave signal generator
  • KT-N5183B-532
  • 9kHz-32GHz Analog Microwave Signal Generator
  • KT-N5183B-540
  • 9kHz-40GHz MXG Analog microwave signal generator
  • KT-N5193A-520
  • 10MHz-20GHz UXG Agile Signal GeneratorUsed
  • KT-N5193A-540
  • 10MHz-40GHz UXG Agile Signal Generator
    Rohde & SchwarzDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • RS-AFQ100B
  • IQ Modulation Generator
  • IQ Modulation Generator
  • RS-SGS100A-12
  • 80MHz-12.75GHz CW Signal Generator
  • RS-SGS100A-12V
  • 80MHz-12.75GHz Vector signal generator
  • RS-SGS100A-6
  • 1MHz-6GHz CW Signal Generator
  • RS-SGS100A-6V
  • 1MHz-6GHz Vector signal generator
  • RS-SGT100A
  • 1MHz-3GHz Vector signal generatorUsed
  • RS-SGU100A-20V
  • 10MHz-20GHz SGMA Upconverter
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