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Logic Analyzers

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  • Tektronix TLA5204B 
    136CH Logic Analyzer 235MHz State 2GHz 
    Timing 2M Memory 
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New and Used Logic Analyzers for Rent, Lease or Purchase - Whether it's time to upgrade or you have a short-term logic analyzer rental need, you can select from our vast inventory of logic analyzers with flexible acquisition options.

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-16720A
  • Pattern Generator Card 200M Vectors/SUsed
  • KT-16802A
  • 68CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Portable Logic AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-16804A
  • 136CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Portable Logic AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-16822A
  • 68CH Logic,48CH Pattern Gen,250MHz State/4GHz Timing Portable Logic Analyzer
  • KT-16852A
  • 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer with 2.5 GHz Timing in Deep Memory
  • KT-16854A
  • 136CH 12.5GHz Timing/350MHz State Portable Logic Analyzer
  • KT-16864A
  • 136CH 12.5GHz Timing/350MHz State Portable Logic Analyer
  • KT-16902A
  • Logic Analyzer Mainframe 6-slot w Integrated Monitor
  • KT-16902B
  • Logic Analyzer Mainframe 6-Slot
  • KT-16903A
  • Logic Analyzer Mainframe 3-slot w Integrated Monitor
  • KT-16910A
  • 102CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
  • KT-16911A
  • 68CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
  • KT-16950A
  • 68CH 600MHz State/4GHz Timing Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
  • KT-16950B
  • 68CH 667MHz State/4GHz Timing Logic Analyzer Module
  • KT-16962A
  • 2GHz State/2GHz Timing 68CH Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
  • KT-M9047A
  • PCIe Desktop AdaptorUsed
  • KT-M9048A
  • PCIE Desktop Adaptor Gen 2 x8
  • KT-M9502A
  • AXIe Chassis 2-slot w integrated system module
  • KT-M9505A
  • AXIe 5 slot Chassis
  • KT-M9536A
  • AXIe Embedded Controller: Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 160 SSD, 2 GB/s
  • KT-M9537A
  • AXIe High Performance Embedded Controller: 2.8GHz Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 240 SSD
  • KT-U4002A
  • Digital test console 2 slot chassisUsed
  • KT-U4154B
  • 4Gb/s AXIe-based Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
    TektronixDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • TEK-P338-B
  • 8 Lane: 1.5Gbps D-PHY Serial probe for PG3AUsed
  • 64 Channel Digital Pattern GeneratorUsed
  • TEK-TLA6204
  • 136CH Logic Analyzer 235MHz State 2GHz Timing 2M Memory
  • TEK-TLA7012
  • Portable Logic Analyzer MainframeUsed
  • 136CH 750MHz State/50GHz Timing Logic Analyzer ModuleUsed
  • 136CH 235MHz State/8GHz Timing Acquisition ModuleUsed

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