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Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B Anritsu ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer MS46x2x Series

Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B Vector Network Analyzer

  •   Frequencies up to 70 GHz
  •   Up to 142 dB dynamic range
  •   Up to + 14 dBm Power

Anritsu ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer MS46x2x Series (with option for E-band solution)

  •   Frequencies up to 40 GHz
  •   1-, 2- and 4- port solutions
  •   Simultaneous sweep captures all S-parameters
  • in one sweep
Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A Anritsu VectorStar ME7838

Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A

  •   Bit Error rate test from 0-1 GBit/sec to 32.1 Gbit/sec
  • (option to 64.2 Gbit/sec),jitter tolerance test to 32.1 Gbit/sec
  •   Supports signal integrity analysis for 100G+ applications
  •   4PAM/8PAM generators and measurement

Anritsu VectorStar ME7838

  •   70 kHz to 110/125/145 GHz
  •   2 or 4 ports
  •   Banded solutions to 1.1 THz
  •   Compact Modules (0.6lbs.)
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  •   Demonstration products available

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Anritsu’s range of GP test and measurement products are now available through Electro Rent for sale, rent and other forms of financing.

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