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Used Equipment Sales

Electro Rent is the world’s leading test equipment rental company with a $500M inventory of products for lease, rent or sale. As we turn over our inventory we can offer Electro Rent X-Inventory used equipment to our customers at a discounted price plus a 1 year warranty. Check out our video, "X-Inventory A Day in the Life" to learn more about our commitment to quality.

X-inventory video


Browse or download our X-Inventory Capabilities Brochure to learn how our used equipment helps you get the equipment you need without going over your budget.

When you buy Electro Rent X-Inventory used equipment you can buy with confidence:

  • The equipment comes from Electro Rent’s inventory, with a fully documented service history
  • Top brand equipment at a fraction of the price of new products
  • The equipment your engineers know and are trained on
  • No compromise to your test performance or reliability

Electro Rent X-Inventory Test Equipment: Lower Budget – Same Test
Used equipment in common product categories: