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New Equipment Sales

The team at Electro Rent is committed to arming you with the right tools for your test and measurement needs. Watch our video to see "How We Take an Unbiased View on Test Equipment Manufacturers"

X-inventory video

Buy New Test Equipment
Electro Rent has relationships with key manufacturers in the test and measurement industry including:

By buying from Electro Rent you can ensure:

  • Quality technical advice from application experts who are trained in developing vendor-independent solutions to your test problems.
  • Expedient quoting and ordering
  • Quality after sales service

Finance Lease
Use if your need is immediate but cash is not available. Cost can be spread over multiple budget cycles using Electro Rent’s flexible financing alternatives. At lease end, you own the equipment.

  • Usual terms are from 12 to 24 months
  • New or used equipment can be financed
  • “Soft costs” such as maintenance, training and software can also be included