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Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

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  • EXFO FTB-7600E-0023B-89-VFL 
    Singlemode OTDR Ultra Long Haul Module 
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  • JDS Uniphase MTS8000-E8126MR 
    Singlemode OTDR Medium Range Module 
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AnritsuDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • Network Master Pro with QUAD OTDR 850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm
  • ANR-MT9083A2
  • Handheld OTDR
    EXFODescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • EXFO-FTB-1-720-12CD-23B
  • Quad OTDR SM/MM with Modular Test Platform Mainframe
  • EXFO-FTB-720-12CD-EUI91
  • Multimode OTDR Module 850nm/1300nm
  • EXFO-FTB-7200D-12CD-023B
  • Multimode & Singlemode OTDR Short Haul Module 850nm/1300nm 27dB/26dB, 1310nm/1550nm 36dB/34dBUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-720C
  • LAN/WAN Access OTDR
  • EXFO-FTB-730-000-04B
  • Singlemode OTDR Module, 1625nm Filtered, 39db live fiberUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-7300D-023B
  • Singlemode OTDR Medium Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm 39dB/37dBUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-7300D-023B-WC1
  • Singlemode OTDR Medium Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm 39dB/37dBUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-7300E-023B
  • Singlemode OTDR Medium Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm 39dB/37dBUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-7300E-234B-91
  • Singlemode OTDR Medium Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm 39dB/37dB/37dB
  • EXFO-FTB-730C
  • EXFO-FTB-740C
  • EXFO-FTB-740C-DWC Tunable DWDM OTDR C-band
  • EXFO-FTB-740C-DWC-NS2425
  • DWDM TUNABLE SM OTDR Module C-Band 1528-1563nm, 100/50GHz, 40dB (9/125um) With DWDM channel ITU62 to support field MUX.
  • EXFO-FTB-7423B-B
  • Singlemode OTDR Long Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm 41.5dB/39.5dB
  • EXFO-FTB-7500E-0023B
  • Singlemode OTDR Ultra Long Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm, 45dB/45dBUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-750C
  • Metro/Long-Haul OTDR
  • EXFO-FTB-7600E-0023B-89
  • Singlemode OTDR Ultra Long Haul 1310nm/1550nm 50dB/50dB with APC/FC Narrow key connectorUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-7600E-0023B-89-VFL
  • Singlemode OTDR Ultra Long Haul Module 1310nm/1550nm 50dB/50dBUsed
  • EXFO-MAX715B-M2
  • MaxTester 715B Last Mile singlemode OTDR, 1310nm,1550nm,filtered 1625nm, live fiber
  • EXFO-MAX730B-M2
  • MaxTester 730B PON/Metro OTDR 1310nm/1550nm and 1625nm live portUsed
  • EXFO-MAX730C
  • PON/Metro OTDR
  • EXFO-MAX940P
  • EXFO-MAX940P Fiber Certifier OLTS Maxtester pair
  • EXFO-MAX945
  • EXFO-MAX945 Telco OLTS Maxtester
  • OTDR Kit SM/MM (Quad) OTDR Module 850nm/1300nm , 1310nm/1550nm with Video inspection probe and VFLUsed
  • EXFO-TK730-OPT-C2-LVL3
  • TK-1 Test Kit, Mainframe, OTDR Module with OI, VPM2 (VFL & Power Meter), SM OTDR Module 1310nm/1550nm, 39db/37dB
    Fluke Mfg Co, Inc.DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • Versiv Cable Analyzer with Copper testing, OLTS MM & SM and OTDR Fiber Testing
  • DSX-Optifiber Pro, Versiv OTDR
  • OptiView XG 1 Gbps Network Analysis Tablet
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-E6000C
  • Handheld OTDR
  • KT-E6009A
  • 850nm/1300nm MM laser module 18/23 dB
  • KT-E6013A
  • Mini-OTDR module 1310/1550/1625nm 40/39/37dB for E6000C
    Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • JDSU-MTS2000T
  • T-BERD 2000 Handheld Modular Test Set
  • JDSU-MTS4000T
  • T-BERD 4000 Fiber and Copper Platform with touchscreen
  • Quad OTDR-Mod 850/1300/1310/1550nm
  • CWDM Singlemode OTDR Module 1431/1451nmUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8123SRL
  • Multimode OTDR Module 850nm/1300nm 24dB/24dBUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126B
  • Singlemode OTDR Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 41dB/40dB
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126LR
  • Singlemode OTDR Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 43dB/41dB
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126MR
  • Singlemode OTDR Medium Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 40dB/40dB
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126SRE
  • Singlemode OTDR Short Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 34dB/32dBUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126VLR
  • Singlemode OTDR Very Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm/ 45dB/43dBUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126VSRE
  • Singlemode OTDR Very Short Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 32dB/30dBUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8126VSRE-APC
  • Singlemode OTDR Very Short Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 32dB/30dB
  • JDSU-MTS8000-E8136VLR
  • Singlemode OTDR Ultra Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm/ 1625nm 45dB/43dB/42dB
  • CWDM Singlemode OTDR Module 1471/1491/1511/1531nmUsed
  • T-Berd 2000 OTDR Package with Fiber Inspection, MTS2000
    Viavi Solutions Inc.DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • VV-E8126B
  • E8126B Singlemode OTDR Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm 41dB/40dB
  • VV-E8136C
  • VV-E8136C Singlemode OTDR Very Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm 45dB/45dB/44dB
  • VV-E8136D
  • 50dB OTDR MODULE D 1310/1550/1625nm
  • SmartOTDR 100A handheld OTDR 1310nm/1550nm

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