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Viavi Solutions Inc. E8136C

VV-E8136C Singlemode OTDR Very Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm 45dB/45dB/44dB

Part NumberIncluded Options
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VV-E8136C/APCFC/APC connector+ FC adapter
VV-E8136C/APCFC/E61/MF3/SFTC/APC connector+ FC adapter/E6100 Single FO module/MTS6000AV2S/Wrap around case for MF23
Catalog Description

Viavi Solutions Inc. E8136C

 VV-E8136C Singlemode OTDR Very Long Range Module 1310nm/1550nm/1625nm

Very long range singlemode OTDR, which includes a power meter and a light
source in a one port tool. This OTDR is aimed towards metro and long-haul
fiber network characterization, FTTH PON network qualification and
Troubleshooting and upgrading core fiber networks to 40G and 100G.

Product Highlights:
Dynamic range: 45dB/45dB/44dB
Pulse width: 2ns to 20us
Event dead zone: 0.6m
Attenuation dead zone: 2m
Splitter attenuation dead zone: 25m after a 15dB splitter loss
18m after a 18dB splitter loss
Power meter:
Power range: -3dBm to -55dBm
Accuracy: +/-0.5dBm at -30dBm
CW light source:
Output power: -3.5dBm
Stability: +/-0.1dB at 25C over 1 hour
Operating modes: CW, 270Hz, 330Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, TWINtest

ER defined options :
ER option Vendor option Description
/APCDIN EUNIAPCDIN Universal APC connector with DIN adapter
/APCFC EUNIAPCFC Universal APC connector with FC adapter
/APCLC EUNIAPCLC Universal APC connector with LC adapter
/APCSC EUNIAPCSC Universal APC connector with SC adapter
/APCST EUNIAPCST Universal APC connector with ST adapter
/DIN EUNIPCDIN Universal PC connector with DIN adapter
/FC EUNIPCFC Universal PC connector with FC adapter
/LC EUNIPCLC Universal PC connector with LC adapter
/SC EUNIPCSC Universal PC connector with SC adapter
/MF1  JDSU-MTS6000A with S/N>10000
/MF2  JDSU-MTS6000AV2 with high visibility touch
/MF3  JDSU-MTS6000AV2S with capacitive touch
/E61 E6100 Single FO module Carrier
/E63 E6300 High power FO and Transport module carrier
/CASE4 ESCASE4 Soft carrying case for 6000 w/ FO modules
/SFTC ESCASE6KV2 Wrap around Carrying case for 6000A V2

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
11.5 " 7.4 " 3.8 " 15 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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