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Tektronix TLA7012
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Tektronix TLA7012

Portable Logic Analyzer Mainframe

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TEK-TLA7012/18/1C/Touchscreen/Iview Cable
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Tektronix TLA7012

TLA7012 Portable Logic Analyzer Mainframe

The TLA7012 supports up to two TLA modules.

The TLA7012 is the industry's first logic analyzer with automated data
measurements and drag & drop triggers that can be applied directly to user
data. The new V5.1 TLA application software improves usability with a new TLA
Explorer View user interface with up to 6 times faster data throughput.

It features a 15-inch (381 mm) display and a new front-panel with 5 knobs for
scrolling data and short-cut keys for instant access to commonly used menus. An
optional touch screen (Opt 18) allows access to all TLA functionality making it
suitable for space-constrained or rack-mounted environments. The integrated PC
controller with Intel 2 GHz Pentium M-760 CPU and Intel 915GM chipset provides up
to 6 times faster data throughput. The TLA7012 includes 1GB DDR2 RAM (533MHz FSB)
and a 4.7GB DVDR/RW drive. It has improved connectivity with a GbE LAN and seven
USB 2.0 ports (3 front & 4 rear) and 2 external video ports. A removable 3.5",
80GB, 7200 RPM Serial-ATA (SATA) Hard Drive makes this ideal for security
conscious customers who want their own personal hard disk with all of their
settings & data.

Current TLA7Axx/NAx modules used in the TLA7012 mainframe benefit from the up
to 6x faster data throughput.
Legacy TLA7Lx/Mx/Nx/Px/Qx/Dx/Ex/PG2 modules will work in the TLA7012
mainframe but will not benefit from the up to 6x faster data throughput

The TLA7000 Series Mainframes can be used as either master or expansion
mainframes (a TEK-TL708EX 8-port Instrument Hub & Expander is required for 3-8
mainframes connected together using TekLink cable).
Up to eight TLA7012 mainframes can be linked providing support for up to 16
TLA modules for a maximun of 2,176 logic channels.
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