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Tektronix DTG5078
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Tektronix DTG5078

Data Timing Generator Mainframe

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Tektronix DTG5078

 TEK-DTG5078 8-slot 750Mb/s Data Timing Generator Mainframe. Requires plug-ins

The DTG5000 Series combines the power of a data generator with the
of a pulse generator in a benchtop form factor that shortens the duration of
complex test procedures and simplifying the generation of low-jitter,
high-accuracy clock signals or serial data across multiple channels.

Applications include Semiconductor Device function test and characterization.

Compliance Testing of emerging standards: PCI-Express, Serial ATA2,

Compatable Output Modules:
TEK-DTGM10 - 4CH, 700Mb/s max data rate
TEK-DTGM20 - 4CH, 1.1Gb/s max data rate (discontinued)
 TEK-DTGM21 - 4CH, 1.1Gb/s max data rate (replaces DTGM20)
TEK-DTGM30 - 2CH, 3.35Gb/s max data rate
TEK-DTGM31 - 1CH, 3.35Gb/s max data rate
 TEK-DTGM32 - 1CH, 3.50Gb/s max data rate
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