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Tektronix AWG70002A-225

25GS/s 2CH 2GS Memory Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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TEK-AWG70002A-225/01/16Gpt Waveform Memory
MSRP: $141,400     Our USED Price: Call     
TEK-AWG70002A-225/01/03/16Gpt Waveform Memory/Sequencing
MSRP: $151,800     Our USED Price: Call     
Catalog Description

Tektronix AWG70002A-225

 TEK-AWG70002A-225 2CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator with 10bit resolution

Max Sample Rate: 25Gsample/s on 2 channel. Range is 1.5KS/s to 25GS/s
Dynamic Range: Up to 80dBc
Waveform Memory: 2 GSamples (std), 16 GSamples (opt 01)
Max Output Frequency: 10GHz
Analog Bandwidth: 13.5GHz
Rise Time: 22 ps
Number of Bits: 10
Output Voltage: 1.0 Vpp (differential)
Channels: 2 (differential)
Markers: 4 (differential)

Stand Alone operation. No external PC required.
Built-in Display and buttons make it possible quickly select, edit and play
waveforms directly from the front panel of the AWG.

Simulate real word environments by playing back capture signals. Waveforms
captured with Oscilloscopes or Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers can be played
edited or re-sampled on the AWG70002A-225.

Smooth transition from simulation to the real world testing environment.
Waveform Vectors Imported from Third-party Tools such as, MATLAB, MathCAD,
Excel, and Others.

Comes with a 480 GB solid state drive.
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23.76 " 18.13 " 6.05 " 72 lb  
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