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Tektronix AWG5012B

1.2GS/s 2CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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TEK-AWG5012B/8/Fast Sequence Switching
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Tektronix AWG5012B

 TEK-AWG5012B 1.2GS/s, 2ch, 14bits, 16M point/ch Arbitrary Waveform

*Of note is Option 8. It is a new option for both the AWG5000B/AWG7000B series
instruments (Opt 8 is standard on older AWG5000/7000). Opt 8 was created to
enable the reclassification of the base models and other options so that
licenses will not be required with the exception of this new option. Opt 8
units are classified as 3A002 and will require an export license for shipments
to customers outside North America.
Models without opt 8 will be classified as 3A992 and will not require export

**A AWG5000B/AWG7000B without option 8 can be upgraded. Option 8 is not a
keycode and is a return to factory upgrade. It is not a field upgrade.

Although the need for Option 08 will depend on a customer requirement Tek has
identified some of the applications where Option 08 is and is not required.
Option 08 - Required (export license required for some Asia/Pacific
Display Port (compliance testing)
Option 08 - Not Required
PCI-E (compliance testing)
Some RF applications (e.g. with RFXpress for WiMedia)

Max Sample Rate 1.2GS/s
DAC Resolution 14-bit
Maximum Memory Length 16M / 32M/ch
Analog output 2
Rise/fall (20-80) (Typical) normal (1.4 ns), direct out (950 ps):
Bandwidth: (Typical) normal (250 MHz), direct out
(370 MHz):
Number of sequence steps 8,000
Marker outputs 4

Features & Benefits
1.2 Gs/s and 600 MS/s Models
14 bit Vertical Resolution
2 or 4 Arbitrary Waveform Differential / Single-ended Outputs
Up to 4.5 Vp-p Single-ended and 9 Vp-p at Differential Output into 50Ohm
0.95 ns Tr/Tf (10 - 90%) at 0.6 Vp-p
+/- 5 ns Range (50 ps Resolution) Inter Channel Skew Control
SFDR: 80 dBc (1 MHz), 64 dBc (10 MHz)
4 or 8 Variable Level Marker Outputs
Up to 3.7 Vp-p Single-ended Output into 50 ?
300 ps Tr/Tf (20 - 80%) at 0 to 1 V
Up to 1 ns Range (50 ps Resolution) Delay Control
28 bits ch1/ch2 Variable Level Digital Data Output
Up to 3.7 Vp-p Single-ended Output into 50 ?
300 ps Tr/Tf (20 - 80%) at 0 to 1 V
Up to 32 M Point Record Length For Longer Data Streams
Down to 800 ps Resolution Edge Timing Shift Control
Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional
Easy to Use and Learn Shortens Test Time
Intuitive User Interface Based on Windows 2000 XP
Convenient Bench Top Form Factor
Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Provides a Built-in DVD,
Removable Hard Drive, LAN and USB ports

Environmental Characteristics
Temperature +10 C to +40 C
Humidity 5% to 80% relative humidity (% RH) at up to +30 C,
5% to 45% RH above +30 C up to +50 C
Altitude Up to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
19.7 " 18 " 9.6 " 63 lb  
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