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Rohde & Schwarz SMF100A-44

1GHz-44GHz Signal Generator with B144

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RS-SMF100A-44/B85/HW1/K23/Removable flash card/B2/B20/B22/B27/B34/B83/Pulse generator
RS-SMF100A-44/B85/HW1/K3/K23/Removable flash card/B2/B20/B22/B27/B34/B83/Narrow Pulse Modulation/Pulse generator
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz SMF100A-44

1GHz-44GHz Signal Generator
List price includes option B144 standard

Output peak envelope power from -120dBm to +11dBm;
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz;
SSB phase noise 20kHz offset: -132dBc/Hz at 1GHz; -103dBc/Hz at 40GHz;
Option B1 enhances the phase noise to 1kHz: -120dBc/hz at 1GHz/Hz;
Optional modulations: AM, Log AM, FM, Phase,
ASK, FSK, PSK and Pulse with B20
Narrow Pulse with option K3, Ramp sweep with option K4;
Frequency setting times <4 ms
Optional rear connectors with option B82;
Removable GPIB with option B83;
Removable USB with option B84;
Removable Flash Disk with option B85;
Connector for NRP power sensors with K28;
Interface: LAN (10/100BaseT), 2x USB

For rack mount kit use RS-ZZA-311

Option B22 includes option B1 when you order new.
Option B32 High power for units without option B2.
Option B34 High power is for units with B2.
Option K27 requires K23.

ER defined options bundles:

Option HW1 is a bundle of:
B2 100k-1GHz freq extension
B20 AM/FM/PhiM/Log AM Modulation
B22 Enhanced phase noise
B27 43.5GHz Step attenuator
B34 High output power w/B2
B83 Removable GPIB
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
21.65 " 16.81 " 5.2 " 50 lb  
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