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Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A-20

100kHz-20GHz Signal Generator

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RS-SMB100A-20/B1H/B25/B31/OCXO high performance/Harmonic filter/High output power
RS-SMB100A-20/B1H/B25/B31/PL/OCXO high performance/Harmonic filter/High output power/K21/K23
RS-SMB100A-20/HW1/K21/K23/K27/B1H/B25/B31/Pulse modulator/Pulse generator/Pulsetrain
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A-20

100 kHz to 20 GHz Signal generator

All-purpose RF source, High output power as standard, Testing of FM stereo
and RDS receiver, Ready for aerospace and defense applications,
Flexible service concept, Ideal for production,
Overvoltage protection for high operational reliability, Support for power
sensors of the NRP-Zxx family, analog modulations with AM, FM, Phase
and pulse modulation supported.

Output peak envelope power from:
200 kHz - 10 MHz .120 dBm to +5 dBm
10 MHz - 50 MHz .120 dBm to +10 dBm
50 MHz - 20 GHz .120 dBm to +11 dBm

Output power:
100 kHz - 200 kHz -145 dBm to +4 dBm
200 kHz - 300 kHz -145 dBm to +9 dBm
300 kHz - 1 MHz -145 dBm to +12 dBm
1 MHz - 40 GHz -145 dBm to 3 dB above max. specified output power

SSB phase noise 20kHz offset: -122dBc/Hz at 1GHz;(typ.-128dBc/Hz)
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz;
Setting time SCPI mode < 3 ms
List mode < 1 ms

Remote control via GPIB
Ethernet/LAN 10/100BaseT
USB 2.0 connectors
serial RS-232-C
Connector for NRP power sensors

RF output connector 3.5mm(f)

ER defined option bundles:

Option PL is a bundle of:
K21 Pulse modulator
K23 Pulse generator

Option HW1 is a bundle of:
B1H OCXO high performance
B25 Low harmonic filter
B31 High output power

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16.5 " 13.5 " 4.4 " 25 lb  
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