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Rohde & Schwarz SMA100A-6

9kHz-6GHz Signal Generator with electronic attenuator

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RS-SMA100A-6/B106E/B22V2/B29/Full electronic attenuatr/Enhanced phase noise per/Clock Synthesizer
RS-SMA100A-6/B22V2/B29/Enhanced phase noise per/Clock Synthesizer
RS-SMA100A-6/B22V2/B29/B80/Enhanced phase noise per/Clock Synthesizer/Removable memory
RS-SMA100A-6/B22V2/B80/Enhanced phase noise per/Removable memory
RS-SMA100A-6/B22V2/B80/K25/Enhanced phase noise per/Removable memory/VOR/ILS
RS-SMA100A-6/HW1/K24/K25/B22V2/B29/B80/Multifunction Generator/VOR/ILS
RS-SMA100A-6/K25/K26/VOR/ILS/DME Modulation
RS-SMA100A-6/K25/K26/K28/VOR/ILS/DME Modulation/Power Analysis. Power mes
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz SMA100A-6

9 kHz to 6 GHz Signal Generator with electronic attenuator
List price includes option B106 standard

Output peak envelope power from -120dBm to +18dBm;
Output power -145dBm to +18dBm
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz;
SSB phase noise 20kHz offset: -131dBc/Hz at 1GHz;(typ.-135dBc/Hz)
Option B22 enhances the phase noise to: -136dBc/hz at 1GHz (typ.-140dBc/Hz)
Standard modulations: AM and Pulse
Optional modulations: Broadband FM/Phase modulation, with option B20 or
Optional removable mass storage compact flash disk with option B80;

Remote control via GPIB or LAN (10/100BaseT)
Two USB connectors (e.g. for keyboard, mouse, memory stick)
Connector for NRP power sensors

Code compatible with AT-8662A and AT-8663A.

Rack mount use RS-ZZA-211.

Option B106E is the full electronic attenuator, it is not retrofittable

Option HW1 is a bundle of:
B22V2 Enhanced phase noise personality
B29 Clock Synthesizer
B80 Removable memory

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17.8 " 16.8 " 3.5 " 50 lb  
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