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Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A
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Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A

1MHz-3GHz Vector signal generator

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RS-SGT100A/B1/K90/K254/K510/Reference oscillator OCXO/Phase coherent input outp/IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ARB 32Msample 60MHz RF
MSRP: $26,720     Our USED Price: $16,032     
RS-SGT100A/K510/K511/K512/ARB 32Msample 60MHz RF/256Msample ARB memory ext/1Gsample ARB memory exten
MSRP: $25,745     Our USED Price: $15,447     
RS-SGT100A/K90/K254/K510/Phase coherent input outp/IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ARB 32Msample 60MHz RF
MSRP: $25,535     Our USED Price: $15,321     
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz SGT100A

1MHz-3GHz Vector signal generator

Fastest vector signal generator with frequency and level switchover times of
240 s (typ.) for optimized throughput in production
Smallest standalone vector signal generator up to 6 GHz with integrated
baseband generator (1 HU 1/2 19")
Integrated baseband generator with I/Q modulation bandwidth of up to
160 MHz (in RF) supporting all advanced digital standards, including IEEE
Excellent RF performance for EVM and ACLR
Easy signal generation for digital standards such as LTE and LTE-Advanced
the R&SWinIQSIM2 simulation software

Frequency range: CW Mode 1MHz-3GHz
I/Q Mode 80MHz-3GHz
With KB106: CW Mode 1MHz-6GHz
I/Q Mode 80MHz-6GHz
Frequency setting time: <500us
Specified level range: -120dbm to +15dbm (PEP)
Level setting time: <500us

Spectral purity
Harmonics level = 8 dBm, CW, I/Q wideband off < 30 dBc
Nonharmonics level > 10 dBm, offset > 10 kHz from carrier,
f = 1.5 GHz < 76 dBc

Wideband noise
10 MHz carrier offset,level > 5 dBm, 1 Hz meas. bandwidth, CW: < 145 dBc

SSB phase noise 20 kHz carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth
f = 1 GHz < 126 dBc; 133 dBc (typ.)
f = 6 GHz < 110 dBc; 117 dBc (typ.)

Pulse modulation optional, with the R&SSGT-K22 option
On/off ratio > 80 dB
Minimum pulse width using the integrated pulse generator 20 ns

I/Q modulation
I/Q modulator bandwidth (RF)
using an external analog signal
100 MHz < f = 2.5 GHz, I/Q wideband: 40 % of carrier frequency
2.5 GHz < f = 6 GHz, I/Q wideband: 1 GHz

using the integrated baseband source: 60 MHz
with the R&SSGT-K521 option: 120 MHz
with the R&SSGT-K521 and R&SSGT-K522 options: 160 MHz

Waveform length
in one-sample steps 1 sample to 32 Msample
with the R&SSGT-K511 option 1 sample to 256 Msample
with the R&SSGT-K511 and R&SGT-K512 options 1 sample to 1 Gsample
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