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OMICRON Electronics CPC100-EU

Multi-functional Primary Test System for Substation Commissioning and Maintenance

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OMI-CPC100-EU/P1/See PI Screen
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OMICRON Electronics CPC100-EU

purchased for use in North America.

Multi-functional Primary Test System for Substation Commissioning and

The patented test system replaces numerous individual testing devices and
offers new, innovative testing methods. This makes testing with the CPC 100 a
time-saving and cost effective alternative for conventional testing methods.
Despite its expansive capabilities, the CPC 100 is very simple to use.

CPC 100 - Standard - Multifunctional Primary Test system including hardware
and software for primary injection testing of CTs, VTs, Power Transformers,
and more.
- CPC 100 multifunctional test set hardware with supply 110/230Vac, 50/60Hz
and outputs of up to 800 Aac, 2000 Vac and 400 Adc
- QUICK test card for manual control of the test set
- Software and accessories according to CPC package overview
- CPC Toolset including: Primary Test Manager (PTM) - trial version, CPC
Editor, Test Templates, User-and Reference manuals

The /P1 package includes the following:
/CPOL Polarity Checking CT/VT
/CPSEQ CP Sequencer Test Card
/P0066 Transport Case
/SB1 CP SB1 Auto Turns Ratio
/TD1 Capacitance Tan Delta
/CP12KV CP 12kV High Voltage test card

Hardware and built in software for testing of power transformers

>CP TD1 Capacitance and Tan Delta add-on.
Accessory for insulation diagnosis of transformers, bushings, etc.
CP TD1 unit with built-in high voltage transformer, reference capacitor &
precision measurement unit
CP Tan-Delta test card SW and accessories

** ER's /P1 package adds the options/items below: **
Part # Description
>VEHZ0694 CP SB1 power transformer 3 phase test automation upgrade:*
*CP SB1, PTM Advanced software, CP transformer test card, CP sequencer test
card, CP Demag test card.

>VESM0645 Polarity checking for CT / VT wiring including software and
hardware accessory set (VEHZ0650)

>VESM0635 CP Sequencer test card sequencer test card for testing with
different states

>VEHP0066 Transport case with wheels for CPC100 accessories

>VE000641 CP TD1 Upgrade Option Hardware
1 CP TD1
Cables and accessories:
1 CP TD1 accessories set
1 Set of 4 crocodile clamps
1 Set of 12 solid terminal adapters
1 Grounding cable (green / yellow) (6 m / 19.68 ft, 6 mm2)
1 Transport case with wheels for CP TD1 accessories set
2 Hot collar band
1 Transport case with wheels for CP TD1
1 CP TD1 reference manual
1 CP Trolley
1 CPC Toolset DVD (including 30-days trial license for PTM Advanced)

>VESM0636 CP 12kV High Voltage test card
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
9.2 " 19.3 " 15.5 " 416 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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