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OMICRON Electronics CMC356
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OMICRON Electronics CMC356

Universal 3-Phase Relay Test Set

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OMI-CMC356/UN/Universal Software Suite
OMI-CMC356/UN/61850/Universal Software Suite/IEC 61850 Package
OMI-CMC356/UN/CMH1/Universal Software Suite/S&C IntelliRupter Test Pk
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OMICRON Electronics CMC356

 OMI-CMC356 Universal 3-Phase Relay Test Set

All software modules included in the Universal Package may be viewed at the
following link:

*To test reclosers you would also require the following items:
OMI-CM-C1 19 Pin Recloser Controller Cable
 OMI-CM-D1 14 Pin Recloser Controller Cable
OMI-CM-H1 Series S&C IntelliRupter Testing Package

The ER /UN bundle includes:
/ELT-1 EnerLyzer & Transducer (Included with the Omicron CMC356 package)
/K0103 Gen. Combination Cable
/O2803 Low Level Output
/P0021 HD Transport Case

The CMC 356 is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of
protection relays. Its powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to
64 A / 860 VA per channel) with a great dynamic range, make the unit capable
of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power

*IEC 61850 is a standard for the design of electrical substation automation.
*The /61850 option adds the IEC 61850 package with IEDScout and the
configuration modules for GOOSE and Sampled Values. This software is required
for IEC 61850 protocol testing.

*Very powerful current sources for testing even high-burden electromechanical
*High current amplitudes for 5 A relay testing
*High accuracy and versatility for testing static and numerical relays of all

Current generators:
Setting range 6-phase AC (L-N) 6 x 0 ... 32 A
3-phase AC (L-N) 3 x 0 ... 64 A (Group A II B)
1-phase AC (LL-LN) 1 x 0 ... 128 A (Group A II B)
DC (LL-LN) 1 x 0 ... 180 A (Group A II B)

Voltage generators:
Setting range 4-phase AC (L-N) 4 x 0 ... 300 V (VL4(t) automatically
calculated: VL4 = (VL1+VL2+VL3) or freely programmable)
3-phase AC (L-N) 3 x 0 ... 300 V
1-phase AC (L-L) 1 x 0 ... 600 V
DC (L-N) 4 x 0 ... 300 V

Generators, general:
Frequency range sine signals 10-1000Hz
range harmonics/interhamonics voltage: 10-3000 Hz, current:
range transient signals DC - 3.1kHz
accuracy/drift +/-0.5 ppm / +/-1 ppm
resolution < 5 Hz
Phase angle range -360 - +360
resolution 0.001
error at 50 / 60 Hz voltage: 0.02 typ., < 0.1 guar.
current: 0.05 typ., < 0.2 guar. 3
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 3.1 kHz

Power supply requirements:
Nominal input voltage 100 - 240 VAC, 1-phase
Permissible input voltage 85 - 264 VAC
Nominal frequency 50/60Hz
Permissible frequency range 45 - 65Hz
Power consumption 1.7 kVA at 115 V / 2.3 kVA at 230 V

**OK for use on U.S. or European input power.

Besides its operation with the powerful Test Universe software running on a
PC, the CMC 356 can also be controlled manually with the CMC Control unit.

Also see  OMI-CMCONTROL-6. Simple storage of test results via USB flash drive.
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