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OMICRON Electronics CMC256PLUS
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OMICRON Electronics CMC256PLUS

High Precision Relay Test Set & Calibrator

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OMI-CMC256PLUS/P1/Option Bundle (see PI)
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OMICRON Electronics CMC256PLUS


6 Phase Current + 4 Phase Voltage Test Set and Universal Calibrator

The CMC 256plus is the first choice for applications requiring very high
accuracy. This unit is not only an excellent test set for protection devices
of all kinds but also a universal calibration tool. Its high precision allows
the calibration of a wide range of measuring devices, including: electricity
meters of class 0.2, measuring transducers, power quality measurement devices
and phasor measurement units (PMU). Its unique accuracy and flexibility make
the CMC 256plus ideal for protection and measurement equipment manufacturers
for research and development, production and type testing. The CMC 256plus can
either be operated by the Test Universe software running on a PC or by the
front panel control device CMControl.

The /P1 package includes:
VEHK0103 - Generator combination cable
1. end: plug 8-pole
2. end: with safety plug 4 mm black
9 x 14 AWG (8 x 2,5 mm), 3 m length
VEHP0021 - Heavy-duty transport case with wheels for CMC 356, CMC 256plus with
or without CMControl-6, CMB, CMA or CMS units
VEHZ1154 - Optical pick-up OSH 256R
VEHZ1152 - IFB256 Interface Box for OSH256 (required for relay testing only)
VEHZ2008 - Type TK326 scanning head to detect power measurement impulses from
energy meters. Can be used for meters with both stroboscopic discs (all known
rotor marks on Ferrari meters) and optical pulse outputs (LEDs can be scanned
in the infrared wavelength range)
VEHK0010 - Adapter Cable for connecting Scanning Heads to a CMC 256
VEHZ2001 - Optical Pick-up for meters - Type SH 2015 For the detection of
power impulses from energy
VE002704 - CMC 256plus Universal Package V 2.x
Consisting of
- CMC 256plus test unit including manual, carry bag, power lead
Ethernet patch cable, 12 leads with 4 mm safety plugs,
12 flexible terminal adapters, 4 flexible jumpers for
paralleling current triple A and B
- Universal Package Software

PC requirements:
for v3.10:
Operating system:
Windows XP SP3 (32 bit/x86)
Windows 7 (32 bit/x86 and 64 bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32 bit/x86 and 64 bit)
Windows 10 (32 bit/x86 and 64 bit)
Recommended minimum hardware:
1.5 GHz Pentium 4
1 GB RAM (Windows XP), 2 GB RAM (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
1024 x 768 pixels or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
1.5 GB of available hard disk space
DVD drive
Ethernet NIC1 for network-compatible CMC test sets.
USB 2.0 port for CMC test sets with USB connector.
For CMC test sets with parallel port interface either a parallel
printer port is needed or a USB port in combination with a CMUSB-P
Note: The use of a parallel printer port works with Windows XP
Windows 7 (32 bit/x86), only.
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