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Megger SK-MDP3
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Megger SK-MDP3

High Voltage Distribution line Clamp, Megger Data Profiler starter kit, MDP3

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Megger SK-MDP3

 MGR-SK-MDP3 High Voltage Distribution Profiler, Megger Data Profiler Starter
Kit, MDP3

The Megger MDP series of distribution profilers provides power utilities with
the most accurate and extensive information ever to precisely evaluate loading
on feeders/overhead lines (4kV-35kV) and to identify needed upgrades or

*The MDP is intended to be used only in uninsulated/unshielded cables with
voltage from 4KV up to 35KV and with currents from 10 A to 1000 A.

Actual current RMS magnitude up to 1000 amps, with an additional 200 amp
Current and relative voltage waveforms
Power factor and power
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
Unit records time stamped values of current magnitude with 1 amp resolution
for days, weeks or months depending upon data storage interval. True RMS
through the 50th harmonic.

Waveform capture and harmonic analysis up to the 32nd order.
Power and power factor recording.
Accurate data capture via advanced MDP software.
Lightweight, durable unit housed in a weatherable urethane case.
Sturdy battery compartment with easy plug-in access for quick data retrieval
Cable diameters from 0.2 in. to 1.2 in. (.5 cm to 3.0 cm) can be accommodated.

Communications: All MDPs have both a standard high speed USB 2.0 channel and
a conventional RS-232 serial data channel for legacy computers
Memory: Storage Capacity: 8 Meg flash
Data Storage Modes: stop when memory full or wrap around
Storage Interval 2 sec to 6 hours
Response Interval 10 to 60 cycles

Values Recorded:
Current Measurement
Range 10-200 / 200-1000
Recorded Resolution 1 A
Current Accuracy 1% 2 A
Voltage Range 4 kV to 35 kV
KW Yes
PF Yes

PF Accuracy:
10 to 50 A 2%, >50 A 1%

Frequency Range 40 Hz to 2 kHz
Fundamental Frequencies 50Hz to 60Hz

Kit consists of QTY.3 MDP Profilers, ac adapter, nylon carrying case, Phase ID label
kit, RS-232/com port cable, USB cable,"AA" batteries, Metrosoft software,
and instruction manual

4 "AA" batteries are required for each probe.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
5 " 3 " 12 " 30 lb  
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