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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) DDA-1600
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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) DDA-1600

Circuit Breaker Test Set 1600A

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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) DDA-1600

The  MUL-DDA-1600 replaces the MUL-CB9116, is a 3 module solution consisting
Module 1- Controller and instrumentation module contains all the control
circuitry and instrumentation needed to manually test low voltage circuit
Module 2- Power module contains the course and fine current controls, along
with the SCR initiate package.
Module 3- Output module contains the high current output transformer and the
current sensors.

Input: 460V +/- 5% Input single phase Voltage
Frequency: 60Hz input
Current: 150A
Output: 1,600A maximum continuous current
19,200A maximum current through air-frame circuit breaker
14,400A maximum current through molded-case circuit breaker

The unit delivers the rated continuous current for a 24 hour period.

The maximum current available from the test set is determined primarily by the
test circuit impedance. The duration of the available current is determined by
the thermal conditions within the test set.

The maximum current through an air-frame circuit breaker is the maximum
current the test set can deliver through a breaker connected with stabs.
Stabs MAY be required. See  MUL-CBS1,MUL-CBS2,MUL-CBS3,MUL-CBS7, for selection.
The maximum current through a molded-case circuit breaker is the maximum
current the test set can deliver through a breaker connected with 5ft cables

The unit comes complete with all interconnect cables listed:
Input leads, 15ft(4.5m), 4AWG 2ea PN 17165
Ground lead, 8in.(45.7cm) 1ea PN 15067
Timer leads, 12ft(3.7m) 2ea PN 2997
Output leads, quadruple 4/0, 5ft(1.5m) 1set PN 15397
Signal cable interconnect 1ea PN 17413
Control cable interconnect 1ea PN 17435
Power interconnect cable 1ea PN 14783
Fuses 1.5A, 250V MDL 5ea PN 11898
3A, 250V MDA 5ea PN 951
0.5A, 250V MDL 5ea PN 9
2A, 250V MDA 5ea PN 983
1.6A, 500V FLQ 5ea PN 15533
Instruction Manual 1ea PN 5055

Applications include verifying the ratio of current transformers and testing
thermal or magnetic motor overload relays. In the series configuration, the
higher voltage output of the MUL-DDA1600 permits ready use in substations for
primary injection testing of high voltage circuit breakers and protective
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