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Megger (formerly Biddle) DET5
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Megger (formerly Biddle) DET5

Digital Megger Ground Continuity Earth Tester

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BID-DET5/4R/250583/rechargeable batteries/3 lead sets w ground rods
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Megger (formerly Biddle) DET5

Fully automatic, four terminal instrument suitable for the testing of ground
electrodes and measuring Ground Resistivity. Four ranges covering measurements
from 10mOhms to 20kOhms. 3 1/2 digit LCD display. /4R is powered by an
internal rechargeable lead acid battery. Unit has built in battery charger
that can operate from a wide range of line voltages. A single charge allows
for 600 typical 15 second tests. For large terminals allow either spade or
hook connectors; 4mm plugs or bare ended wire to be used for the test leads.
Terminal shorting bars are provided for continuity testing or measurement
using the 'dead ground' method. Complies to the NE code,IEC364, VDE0413,
BS7671, as well as other international regulations.

Suitable for Soil Resistivity measurements which are used to establish the
optimum ground electrode system design and location, to avoid expensive
reworking of electrical installations. Also suitable for performing
archaeological and geological investigations.

*The /250583 Deluxe Kit includes 3 leads (Red,Yellow,Blue seperate part
#250575) and 2 ground rods (seperate part #250580).

**If additional ground rods are required see  BID-250580.

20 Ohm range 200 Ohm range 2kOhm range 20KOhm range
0.01 to 19.99 Ohm 0.1 to 199.9 Ohm 0.001 to 1.999Kohm 0.01K to 19.99kOhm
Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading. +/- 3 digits
Maximum service error: +/- 5% of reading.
Test Frequency: 128Hz +/- 0.5Hz.
Test Voltage: Max 50V peak.
Test Current:(constant within current range)
20Ohm range: 10mA AC RMS
200Ohm range: 1mA AC RMS
2kOhm,20kOhm: 100mA AC RMS

Also see DET4TCR+KIT for replacement model.
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