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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9040B-526
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9040B-526

3Hz-26.5GHz UXA Signal Analyzer

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KT-N9040B-526/B5X/P1/RT2/Analysis BW 510 MHz/EA3/EMC/FP2/P26/R/T analy Optimum detect
MSRP: $194,659     Our USED Price: $101,222     
KT-N9040B-526/B5X/RT2/SF1/SW1/Analysis BW 510 MHz/R/T analy Optimum detect/Security-No prog launch/EA3/EMC/FP2/N9051AB/P26
MSRP: $196,026     Our USED Price: $101,933     
KT-N9040B-526/B2X/P1/RT2/Analysis BW 255 MHz/EA3/EMC/FP2/P26/R/T analy Optimum detect
KT-N9040B-526/B5X/P26/RT2/Analysis BW 510 MHz/Preamp, 26.5 GHz/R/T analy Optimum detect
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9040B-526

3 Hz to 26.5 GHz UXA Signal Analyzer

Product Highlights:

The UXA is the flagship of the X-Series signal analyzers and is built on
proprietary technology. It provides frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and can
be extended to 1.1 THz using the standard external mixing functionality.
The N9040B combines high-quality analysis bandwidth to 510 MHz, full-band
real-time analysis and industry-leading phase noise performance. The UXA also
uses a streamlined, touch-driven interface on the large 14.1 display that
simplifies measurement setup through the familiar X-Series menu structure.
With its wider, deeper views of elusive and wideband signals, the UXA enables
you to take your designs further in aerospace, defense, commercial
communications and more.

The N9040B UXA signal analyzer is a member of the X-Series spectrum
analyzers, which is an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans
instrumentation, measurements and software. It gives you the flexibility to
satisfy your business and technical requirements across multiple products and
programsnow and in the future.

General Purpose/Other Applications:

* 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz; extend frequency to 110 GHz with Keysight
M1970E/V smart mixers and up to THz with other vendors' mixers

* 10 MHz (standard), 25, 40, 255 or 510 MHz analysis bandwidth
* Full-band real-time spectrum analyzer capabilities with 100% probability
of intercept for signal duration as short as 3.84 s
* Fast sweep capability (standard); fast power measurements (optional)

* +/-0.19 dB absolute amplitude accuracy
* >75 dBc spurious free dynamic range, full band
* -136 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 GHz carrier, 10 kHz offset
* -172 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL) with preamplifier and
Noise Floor Extension (NFE)

Measurement Applications & Software:
* N9068C phase noise measurement application
* Advanced analysis of >75 signal formats; 89600 VSA software runs inside
the UXA
* Low noise path, external mixing, microwave preselector bypass, wideband
IF output and enhanced display package (all standard)
* Keysight's PowerSuite one-button power measurements (standard)

Automation & communication interface
* Streamlined, 14.1 " touch-driven interface
* LXI compliant, SCPI and IVI-COM
* USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 1000Base-T LAN, GPIB
* Open Windows 7 operating system (standard)

See also KT-N9030A


DANL Preamp Off:
LNP.Off / LNP.On LNP.Off / LNP.On
2.1 to 3.0 GHz -152 dBm/NA -154 dBm/NA typ
3.0 to 3.6 GHz -151 dBm/NA -153 dBm/NA typ
3.5 to 4.2 GHz -147 dBm/-153 dBm -150 dBm/-156 dBm typ
4.2 to 8.4 GHz -150 dBm/-155 dBm -152 dBm/-157 dBm typ
8.3 to 13.6 GHz -149 dBm/-155 dBm -151 dBm/-157 dBm typ
13.5 to 16.9 GHz -145 dBm/-151 dBm -147 dBm/-155 dBm typ
16.9 to 20.0 GHz -142 dBm/-150 dBm -145 dBm/-153 dBm typ
20.0 to 26.5 GHz -135 dBm/-148 dBm -140 dBm/-152 dBm typ

DANL Preamp On:
LNP.Off / LNP.On LNP.Off / LNP.On
2.1 to 3.6 GHz -163 dBm/NA -164 dBm/NA typ
3.5 to 8.4 GHz -164 dBm/NA -166 dBm/NA typ
8.3 to 13.6 GHz -163 dBm/NA -165 dBm/NA typ
13.5 to 16.9 GHz -161 dBm/NA -162 dBm/NA typ
16.9 to 20.0 GHz -159 dBm/NA -161 dBm/NA typ
20.0 to 26.5 GHz -155 dBm/NA -157 dBm/NA typ

RF input connector: type N (f) 50ohm
LXI class C compliant, SCPI and IVI-COM
USB 2.0, GPIB, and LAN (1000BaseT)
Probe power: +15 Vdc, +-7% at 150mA max nominal;
-12.6 Vdc, 10% at 150mA max nominal;

Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 XGA
Power requirements:
100 to 120 V, 50/60/400 Hz
220 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Data storage :
Internal: 160 GB nominal (Removable hard disk drive)
32 GB nominal with Option SSD (Removable solid state drive)
External: Supports USB 2.0 compatible memory devices
Option CRP: Programmable IR output,10 to 75 MHz, in 0.5 MHz increments)
similar to option H70 on PSA.

Option Descriptions:
ALV Auxiliary log video output
B25 Analysis Bandwidth, 25 MHz
B2X Analysis bandwidth, 255 MHz
B40 Analysis bandwidth, 40 MHz
B5X Analysis bandwidth, 510 MHz
C35 APC 3.5 mm connector
CRP Connector Rear, Programmable IF output
EA3 Electronic attenuator, 3.6 GHz
EMC Basic EMC Functionality
FP2 Fast power, up to 40 MHz bandwidth
KB2 USB keyboard Smaller keyboard
MLP Minimum loss pad, 50 to 75 ohms
MSE Mouse, USB
P08 Preamplifier, 8.4 GHz
P13 Preamplifier, 13.6 GHz
P26 Preamplifier, 26.5 GHz
RT1 Real-time analysis up to max available BW, basic detection,license
RT2 Real-time analysis up to max available BW, optimum
SF1 Security features, exclude launching programs
SF2 Security features, prohibit saving results
SSD Additional removable solid state drive
UK6 Commercial calibration test data
YAV Y-axis video output

Software descriptions:
N9051AB is KT-N9051A2B fixed perpetual license, it allows the N9051A series
licenses to be used on the UXA series analyzers

Available as Fixed or Transportable Licenses:
N9068C/2xP Phase noise measurement application

ER defined option bundles:

Option P1 is a bundle of:
EA3 Attenuator to 3.6GHz
EMC Basic EMC Functionality
FP2 Fast Power, up to 40MHz
P26 Preamp, 26.5GHz

Option SW1 is a bundle of:
EA3 Attenuator to 3.6GHz
EMC Basic EMC Functionality
FP2 Fast Power, up to 40MHz
N9051AB N9051A2B upgrade, allows N9051A licenses to be used on UXA
P26 Preamp, 26.5GHz

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14.5 " 16.8 " 7 " 73 lb  
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