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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9030A-503
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9030A-503

3Hz-3.6GHz PXA Signal Analyzer

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KT-N9030A-503/B25/ESC/WXP/25MHz Analysis Bandwidth/External source control/Windows XP OS
MSRP: $58,677     Our USED Price: $32,273     
KT-N9030A-503/B40/WXP/40MHz Analysis bandwidth/Windows XP OS
MSRP: $72,614     Our USED Price: $39,938     
KT-N9030A-503/EA3/EMC/P03/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/Basic EMC Functionality/3.6GHz Preamplifier
MSRP: $63,427     Our USED Price: $34,885     
KT-N9030A-503/EA3/P03/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier
MSRP: $61,643     Our USED Price: $33,904     
KT-N9030A-503/EA3/P03/YAV/WXP/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Y-axis video ouptut/Windows XP OS
MSRP: $65,043     Our USED Price: $35,774     
KT-N9030A-503/RTSA/W7X/B1X/RT2/Windows 7 OS
MSRP: $102,807     Our USED Price: $56,544     
KT-N9030A-503/WXP/Windows XP OS
MSRP: $56,299     Our USED Price: $30,965     
KT-N9030A-503/B1X/P03/W7X/160MHz Analysis bandwidth/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Windows 7 OS
KT-N9030A-503/B25/EA3/P03/W7X/25MHz Analysis Bandwidth/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Windows 7 OS
KT-N9030A-503/B25/EA3/P03/WXP/25MHz Analysis Bandwidth/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Windows XP OS
KT-N9030A-503/B25/WXP/25MHz Analysis Bandwidth/Windows XP OS
KT-N9030A-503/EA3/P03/W7X/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Windows 7 OS
KT-N9030A-503/EA3/P03/WXP/3.6GHz Electronic attenua/3.6GHz Preamplifier/Windows XP OS
KT-N9030A-503/W7X/Windows 7 OS
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9030A-503

3 Hz to 3.6 GHz PXA Signal Analyzer

PXA signal analyzer is the highest-performance
member of the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers and is the evolutionary
replacement for your current performance signal analyzer. It provides
frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and ensures present and future
flexibility through optional measurement capabilities and hardware

The PXAs advanced performance, flexibility, capability and expandability
enable you to address demanding applications in aerospace, defense,
commercial communications and more. In addition, the PXA includes extensive
remote language compatibility features that make it easier to replace
existing Keysight or HP performance spectrum analyzers.

General Purpose/Other Applications:
EMC/EMI, Flexible Digital,Modulation Analysis,
MATLAB, Noise Figure, Phase Noise, Pulse, Code Compatibility
Cellular Applications and Wireless connectivity with 89601A software.
Code compatible with PSA and other legacy platforms (8566/68, 856x)

* Seven expansion slots
* A removable CPU motherboard
* Firmware-based measurement applications
* An open Windows operating system that lets you
run software applications inside the analyzer
* Mechanical attenuator 2 dB steps, 0 to 70 dB
* Optional Electronic attenuator with option EA3;1dB steps, 0 to 24dB

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW):1Hz to 3MHz in (10% steps), 4, 5, 6, 8 MHz;
EMI bandwidths (CISPR compliant):
200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz (Opt EMC required);
EMI bandwidths (MIL STD 461E compliant:
10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz (Opt EMC required);

DANL: -152dBm in 10Hz RBW, up to 3.6GHz
-151dBm in 10Hz RBW, 3.6GHz to 8.4GHz, -155dBm with option LNP enabled,
Preamp on:
-165dBm in 10Hz RBW, up to 3.6GHz
Analysis BW: 10MHz Standard,
25MHz with option B25
40MHz with option B40, option MPB required above 3.6GHz
160MHz with option B1X, option MPB required above 3.6GHz

Third Order Intercept (TOI): +21dBm to 3.6GHz,

Phase Noise (1GHz Center Frequency): -128dBc at 10kHz offset

RF input connector: type N (f) 50ohm
LXI class C compliant, SCPI and IVI-COM
USB 2.0, GPIB, and LAN (1000BaseT)
Probe power: +15 Vdc, +-7% at 150 mA max nominal;
-12.6 Vdc, 10% at 150 mA max nominal;

Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 XGA
Power requirements:
100 to 120 V, 50/60/400 Hz
220 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Data storage :
Internal: 160 GB nominal (Removable hard disk drive)
32 GB nominal with Option SSD (Removable solid state drive)
External: Supports USB 2.0 compatible memory devices

Option HDD has been replaced by SSD and is standard on all units.

Internal Operating System:
WXP Windows XP Embedded Operating System
W7X Windows 7 Embedded Operating System

Real time options require B1X
RT1 Real-time spectrum analyzer up to 85MHz analysis bandwidth
RT2 Real-time spectrum analyzer up to 160MHz analysis bandwidth
RT2 is export restricted

See also  KT-E4443A

Option CRP: Programmable IR output,10 to 75 MHz, in 0.5 MHz increments)
similar to option H70 on PSA.

For USB Mouse use DELL-310-4073-MOUSE-USB/B
For USB Keyboard use DELL-310-3157-KB/USB/B

For rack mount 1CP
See KT-5063-9222 or KT-1CP005A

For rack mount 1CM
See KT-5063-9215 or KT-1CM013A.

For 1CN rack mount
See KT-5063-9228 or KT-1CN003A

Option HDD has been replaced by SSD and is standard on all units.
Additional SSD units can be ordered as KT-N9030AK/SSD.
EDP Enhanced Display Package, provide Spectrogram, Trace Zoom and Zone Span

Software descriptions and requirements (available as transportable licenses):
N9051A N9051A-2FP Pulse measurement software
N9061A N9061A-1FP 856XE/EC Compatibility application (standard)
N9063A/2TP Analog demodulation measurement application
N9068A/2TP Phase noise measurement application
N9069A/1TP Noise figure measurement application requires Preamp to meet
specifications; works with N400XA series and 346 series
N9071A/2TP GSM/EDGE Measurement application
N9072A/2TP cdma2000 Measurement application
N9073A/1TP W-CDMA Measurement application
N9073A/2TP HSDPA/HSUPA measurement application, requires N9073A/1TP
N9073A/3TP HSPA+ Measurement Application, requires N7073A/1TP
N9074A/XTP Single acquisition combined fixed WiMAX measurement
N9075A/2TP WiMAX 802.16-OFDMA application
N9076A/1TP 1xEV-DO Measurement application
N9077A/XTP Wireless LAN Measurement application
N9079A/1TP TD-SCDMA Measurement application
N9079A/2TP HSDPA/8PSK Measurement application, requires N9079A/1TP
N9080A/1TP LTE Measurement application

ER defined bundles:

CGT is a bundle of:
N9071T2 N9071A-2TP GSM / EDGE Measurement Application
N9072T2 N9072A-2TP cdma2000 Measurement Application

Option RTSA is a bundle of:
B1X 160MHz Analysis Bandwidth
RT2 Real-time spectrum analyzer up to 160MHz analysis bandwidth

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