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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 6032A
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 6032A

60V 50A 1200W DC Power Supply Autoranging

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KT-6032A/908/Rack Mount/
KT-6032A/909/Rack mount 5062-3983/
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 6032A

0 to 60V, 0 to 50A autoranging DC power supply. Maximum output 1200W
autoranging. Digital meters. 120VAC input. GP-IB standard. The line cord
is supplied but the line plug is not a standard accessory and needs to
be supplied by the Customer.

Input power: 104-127VAC operation, 50/60Hz (unless optioned differently)

For Rackmount OPT 909 see KT-5062-3983.
For Rackmount OPT 908 see KT-5062-3977.
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20 " 17 " 6 " 48 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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