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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 1169A

12GHz InfiniiMax Probe Amplifier

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KT-1169A/36WAR/R51B-001-3C 3yr Warranty
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 1169A

InfiniiMax  KT-1169A 12-GHz probing system is the perfect complement to
Infiniium 80000 or 90000 Series oscilloscopes for more accurate high-speed
differential signal probing

Bandwidth: 12 GHz specified, 13 GHz typical
Dynamic Range: 3.3 V peak to peak
DC Offset Range: +/- 16 V
Maximum Voltage: +/- 30V
Differential Input R: 50 k ohm. Differential Input C: 0.21 pF.
Single Ended Input R: 25 k ohm. Single Ended Input C: 0.35 pF.

Recommended probe heads for InfiniiMax II probe amplifiers.

 KT-N5380A InfiniiMax II 12 GHz differential SMA adapter probe head
 KT-N5381A InfiniiMax II 12 GHz differential solder-in probe head
 KT-N5382A InfiniiMax II 12 GHz differential browser probe head

Compatible with KT-54830B/31B/32B/33A/30D/31D/32D/33D and DSO8000 series

Recommended for use with KT-54852A/53A/54A/55A and DSO80000 series scopes.

Incompatible with KT-54835A/45A/46A/46B or KT-54810A/15A/20A/25A series

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