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Dranetz PP4300
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Dranetz PP4300

Power Platform Quality Demand Analyzer

Part NumberIncluded Options
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DRN-PP4300/CA4300/CASE/Cable Adapters(4each@$70)/Carrying Case
MSRP: $5,310     Our USED Price: $995     
DRN-PP4300/CA4300/RS232/CASE/Cable Adapters(4each@$70)/RS232 Serial Interface/Carrying Case
MSRP: $5,575     Our USED Price: $995     
DRN-PP4300/P1/See PI screen
MSRP: $4,895     Our USED Price: $995     
DRN-PP4300/RS232/CASE/RS232 Serial Interface/Carrying Case
MSRP: $5,295     Our USED Price: $995     
Catalog Description

Dranetz PP4300

Three phase portable power demand analyzer.

Requires taskcard (see below). May also need software (see below)

With CA4300 cable adapters (4 included), can use TR2019,TR2021,TR2022, or
TR2023. Can use TR2500, TR2510, or TR2520 without adapters.


 DRN-TASKCARD/PQLITE/HTEM Power Quality/Demand/Harmonics
 DRN-TASKCARD/PQLITE/HTEM2 Power Quality/Demand/Harmonics/2MB RAM
 DRN-TASKCARD/808HM Energy Consumption/Demand/Harmonics


 DRN-DRANVIEW/4300 Dranview for PP4300 and TASKCARD/PQLITE**Win95 or 98**
 DRN-DRANVIEW/808HM Dranview for PP4300 and TASKCARD/808HM **Win95 or 98**
DRN-DRANLINK4300 Dranlink for PP4300 **Win95 or 98**
Extra Memory cards available:

DRN-CARD-512 512K RAM Requires WIN 98 or earlier OS to capture data.
 DRN-CARD-1M 1MB " " " "
DRN-CARD-2M 2MB " " " "
 DRN-CARD-4M 4MB " " " " The unit
has 1MB of "native" ram.
The memory cards are PCMCIA type. The cards may be read by PC PCMCIA card
reader to print out data. The other alternative is to use DRN-DRANLINK
software along with  DRN-DRANVIEW/4300 to move data from the PP4300.

DRANLINK INSTALLATION DISK V 1.0 is part of the mainframe accy list.

Current Transformer current ratings:
TR-2500 10A to 500A RMS 48HZ to 3kHz max conductor size 1.8in to 2.5in.
TR-2510 0 to 10A RMS max conductor size 0.47in.
TR-2520 300A to 3000A RMS max conductor size 2.56in.
TR-2021 1A to 30A RMS 48Hz to 10kHz max conductor size 0.47in.
TR-2019B 1A to 300A RMS 45Hz to 50kHz max conductor size 2.0in.
TR-2022 10A to 1000A RMS 45Hz to 10kHz max conductor size 2.0in.
TR-2023 100A to 3000A RMS 45Hz to 5kHz max conductor size 2.56in.
LEMFLEX3K to 3000A RMS 8Hz to 7kHz max conductor size 6in.

P1 package includes:
/32M Flash-32M card
/DV4300 Dranview Software
/HTEM Flashcard HTEM
/PQLITE Taskcard PQ Lite
/TR2500A TR2500A CT Current Transformer
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
2.5 " 12 " 8 " 25 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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