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Doble TYPE_C

10kV Resonating Inductor

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Doble TYPE_C

DOB-Type C Resonating Inductor for use with  DOB-M4000 Insulation Analyzer, is
an iron-core reactor with an adjustable air gap, capable of resonating
capacitance of of 0.05 to 1.0 microfarad at 10kV @ 60Hz. (0.7 to
1.4microfarad at 10kV @ 50Hz).

Designed to extend the Voltage testing range of the M4000 to up to 12kV, while
at the same time, minimizing the input current requirements.

Permits testing of long cable runs, rotating machinery, and other high
capacitance specimens. The resonator electrically shunts the test specimen
and measuring curcuit. The measuring curcuit is arranged to measure only the
specimen test parameters. The current taken by the Resonator is returned to
its source without affecting these measurements.
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24 " 17 " 15 " 266 lb  
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