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Boonton Electronics PIM31-F01
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Boonton Electronics PIM31-F01

869-896MHz Passive Intermodulation Analyzer (PIM) 2 x 20W

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MSRP: $32,995     Our USED Price: $2,100     
BTN-PIM31-F01/5/VZ1/Type N(f-f) adapter/Verizon bundle
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BTN-PIM31-F01/VZ1/Verizon bundle
MSRP: $32,995     Our USED Price: $2,100     
Catalog Description

Boonton Electronics PIM31-F01

869-896MHz Passive Intermodulation Analyzer (PIM) 2 x 20W

PIM 31 series test systems are precision analyzers for
passive intermodulation generated in RF paths, components
and assemblies. PIM 31 analyzers allow the detailed
examination of components used in radio base stations,
in-building-DAS installations and other systems
transmitting radio frequencies. PIM 31 analyzers can be
controlled by external mouse and keyboard or through the
built-in touch screen display.

20W PIM analyzer
Two variable signals +20 to +44 dBm each
User selectable TX frequencies within the analyzers band
Very high PIM sensitivity of -175 dBc @ 2 X 43 dBm carriers
Measures Intermodulation products IM3, IM5, IM7 and IM9
User settable frequency sweeps
Measurement recording numeric or image traces
Touch screen display

Transmitter Specifcation:
Carrier Power Adjustable Level: +20 to +44dBm
Carrier Power Resolution / Accuracy: 0.25dB/+-0.35dB
Frequency Range: TX band 869-896MHz, RX band 824-851MHz
Frequency Increment: 200kHz
Frequency Accuracy (typical): 2ppm
Frequency Tuning Lock Time (typical): 1ms
Reverse Power Protection (Include ON/OFF Function)43dBm/5sec

Receiver Specifcations:
Reverse IM: -132dBm/-175dBc
Average Noise Floor: -140dBm (300Hz flter)
Dynamic Range (typical): 90dB (reference -90dBm)
Measurement Interval: 100 to 350ms
Effective IF Bandwidth: 300, 600, 1.2k, 2.4k, 5k,
(operator selectable) 10k, 12k, 15k, 25k, 50kHz
Operational Input Power: - 45dBm RMS
Input Power without damage: - 10dBm max
Warm-Up Time for specifed accuracy: 5 minutes accuracy

RF Connector DIN 7-16 (f)
Operating Voltage 90 to 264 V (50-60 Hz)
Power requirements 750 VA max

Option "KIT" includes:
1x Low PIM Cable, DIN 7-16, Male to Male, 1.2 meter / 4 feet
1x 50W Load (PIM -168dBc typical)
1x Optical Mouse
1x Roll-up Keyboard
1x Operating manual
1x PIM31 Custom Transit
1x Low PIM Load
1x PIM source (In-line)
1x Test Cable 3 meter 7/16 M-M,
1x Torque wrench
3x 7/16 connector savor
1x Adaptor 7/16 (f) - 7/16 (f), low PIM
1x Adaptor 7/16 (f) - N (m), low PIM
1x Adaptor N (f) - N (f), low PIM

Option VZ1 includes:
1x Roll-up Keyboard,
1x USB Mouse,
1x Power cord,
1x PIM31 Manual,
1x PIM31 Transit Case,
1x 50W Low PIM Load,
1x PIM Source 20W through,
1x Test Cable 3 meter 7/16 M-M,
1x Torque Wrench 18Ft/lbs,
1x Fixed Wrench,
3x Connector Saveor (one installed on instrument, 2 installed on load),
1x Adapter 7/16(f) - 7/16(f), low PIM,
1x Adaptor 7/16(f) - N (m), low PIM
1x Adaptor 7/16(f) - N (f), low PIM

Option VZ2 includes:
1x Test Cable 7/16(m) to 7/16(m) (3m/10ft)
1x Low PIM Load 50W, 7/16(f)
1x Connector Saver (7/16(m) to 7/16(f)
1x Adapter 7/16(f) to 7/16(f)
1x Adapter 7/16(f) to N(m)
1x Torque Wrench 7/6 inch, 18 Ft Lbs
1x Accessory Bag
1x Roll-up Keyboard
1x USB Mouse
1x Operating Manual
1x Transcase - transit case also holds accessories
1x 20Watt PIM source
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
19.5 " 14.4 " 7.6 " 55 lb  
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