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Anritsu S332E
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Anritsu S332E

2MHz-4GHz Site Master handheld cable & antenna analyzer with spectrum analyzer

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Part NumberIncluded Options
Rent/Lease   Buy Used
MSRP: $11,450     Our USED Price: $6,526     
ANR-S332E/10/Bias Tee
MSRP: $11,915     Our USED Price: $6,792     
ANR-S332E/10/21/Bias Tee/2-Port transmission measr
MSRP: $13,355     Our USED Price: Call     
ANR-S332E/10/29/Bias Tee/Power meter
MSRP: $13,155     Our USED Price: $7,498     
ANR-S332E/21/31/411/431/SW1/2-Port transmission measr/GPS receiver/Ethernet Connectivity/Coverage Mapping/25/27/509
MSRP: $21,125     Our USED Price: $12,041     
ANR-S332E/28/29/CW Signal generator/Power meter
MSRP: $13,155     Our USED Price: $7,498     
ANR-S332E/29/Power meter
MSRP: $12,690     Our USED Price: $7,233     
ANR-S332E/10/19/21/Bias Tee/High accuracy power meter/2-Port transmission measr
ANR-S332E/10/21/25/29/Bias Tee/2-Port transmission measr/Interference Analyzer/Power meter
ANR-S332E/10/21/29/Bias Tee/2-Port transmission measr/Power meter
ANR-S332E/10/21/29/31/411/Bias Tee/2-Port transmission measr/Power meter/GPS receiver/Ethernet Connectivity
ANR-S332E/19/High accuracy power meter
ANR-S332E/21/25/29/2-Port transmission measr/Interference Analyzer/Power meter
ANR-S332E/25/Interference Analyzer
ANR-S332E/28/CW Signal generator
Catalog Description

Anritsu S332E

2MHz to 4GHz Site Master handheld cable and antenna analyzer,
with 100kHz to 4GHz spectrum analyzer.

Handheld scalar network analyzer optimized for antenna measurements.
Measures return loss, distance-to-fault, and SWR. Power meter option uses
built-in detector, eliminating the external detector required for earlier
Site Masters.

Cable and Antenna Analyzer Highlights:
Measurements: RL, VSWR, Cable Loss, DTF, Phase;
2-port Transmission Measurement option 21: High/Low Power;
Sweep Speed: 1 msec/data point, typical;
Display : Single or Dual Measurement Touchscreen;
Calibration: OSL, InstaCal , and FlexCal;
Bias Tee: 32V internal;

Spectrum and Interference Analyzer Highlights
Frequency Range: 9kHz-4GHz
Measurements: Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power, ACPR, C/I;
Interference Analyzer option 25: Spectrogram, Signal Strength,
RSSI, Signal ID;
Dynamic Range: > 95dB in 10Hz RBW;
DANL: -152dBm in 10Hz RBW;
Phase Noise: -100dBc/Hz max @ 10kHz offset at 1GHz;
Frequency Accuracy: <+-50ppb with GPS On;

Capabilities and Functional Highlights:
4 hour battery operation time;
Store 2000 Traces internally;
Touchscreen keyboard;
Internal Power Meter option 29;
High Accuracy Power Meter option 19 (requires a power sensors);
4, 6, 8, 18 GHz USB Sensors support;
Channel Scanner option 27;
GPS tagging of saved traces;
USB Data Transfer;
<5 minute warm-up time;
RF Out Type N, female

Unit will require Calibration Kit such as  ANR-CALKIT/N for type N.

Option 10 requires option 21
Option 28 requires CW Signal Generator Kit,  ANR-69793
Option 31 requires GPS Antenna 2000-1528-R or 2000-1652-R
Option 431 requires option 31 and a GPS antenna.

Electro Rent defined bundles:

Option SW1 is a bundle of:
25 Interference Analyzer
27 Channel scanner
28 CW Signal generator
509 AM/FM/PM Analyzer

Option Z1 includes:
21 2-Port transmission measurement
29 Power meter
419 PIM Analyzer
MLCBL Test port cable
OSLN50 DC-18GHz OSL N (m)

Recommended Accessories:

Calibration kits: (chose either bundled cal kits below or individual pieces)
ANR-3653 Type N calibration kit
 ANR-CALKIT/N Precision type N cal kit
 ANR-CALKIT/DIN Precision type DIN cal kit
ANR-ICN50B InstaCal calibration module, 2MHz to 6.0GHz, N(m)

Precision Load: (select either)
 ANR-SM-PL-1 Precision N(m) Load, 42dB, 6.0GHz
ANR-SM-PLNF-1 Precision N(f) Load, 42dB, 6.0GHz

Precision Short/Open: (select either)
 ANR-OSLN50-1 Precision Open/Short/Load, DC to 6.0GHz, N(m)
 ANR-OSLNF50-1 Precision Open/Short/Load, DC to 6.0GHz, N(f)
 ANR-22N50 Precision N(m) Short/Open, 18GHz
ANR-22NF50 Precision N(f) Short/Open, 18GHz
 ANR-2000-1618-R Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16 (m), 6.0GHz
 ANR-2000-1619-R Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16 (f), 6.0GHz

Phase-Stable Test Port Cables, Armored
 ANR-15NNF50-1.5C 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(f), 50ohm
 ANR-15NN50-1.5C 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(m), 50ohm
 ANR-15NDF50-1.5C 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(f), 50ohm
ANR-15ND50-1.5C 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(m), 50ohm
 ANR-15NNF50-3.0C 3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(f), 50ohm
ANR-15NN50-3.0C 3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(m), 50ohm

Phase-Stable Test Port Cables, Armored w/ Reinforced Grip
 ANR-15RNFN50-1.5-R 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(f), 50ohm
 ANR-15RDFN50-1.5-R 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(f), 50ohm
 ANR-15RDN50-1.5-R 1.5 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(m), 50ohm
 ANR-15RNFN50-3.0-R 3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-N(f), 50ohm
ANR-15RDFN50-3.0-R 3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(f), 50ohm
ANR-15RDN50-3.0-R 3.0 m, DC to 6 GHz, N(m)-7/16 DIN(m), 50ohm

Precision Adapter:
 ANR-34NN50A Precision N(m) to N(m) Adapter, 18GHz
 ANR-34NFNF50 Precision N(f) to N(f) Adapter, 18GHz

 ANR-510-90 7/16(f) to N(m), 7.5GHz
 ANR-510-91 7/16(f) to N(f), 7.5GHz
 ANR-510-92 7/16(m) to N(m), 7.5GHz
 ANR-510-93 7/16(m) to N(f), 7.5GHz
 ANR-510-96 7/16 DIN(m) to 7/16 DIN(m), 7.5GHz
 ANR-510-97 7/16 DIN(f) to 7/16 DIN(f), 7.5GHz
 ANR-1091-26-R SMA(m) - N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50ohm
ANR-1091-27-R SMA(f) - N(m), DC to 18 GHz, 50ohm
ANR-1091-80-R SMA(m) - N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50ohm
ANR-1091-81-R SMA(f) - N(f), DC to 18 GHz, 50ohm
ANR-1091-26 N(m)-SMA(m), DC-18GHz
 ANR-1091-27 N(m)-SMA(f), DC-18GHz
ANR-1091-80 N(f)-SMA(m), DC-18GHz
ANR-1091-81 N(f)-SMA(f), DC-18GHz
ANR-1091-172 N(m)-BNC(f), DC-1.3GHz
ANR-1091-379-R 7/16 DIN(f-f), DC-6GHz, 50ohm, w/Reinforced Grip

Adapter kit:
 ANR-SC7356 DIN adapter set
 BRD-4240-550 DIN adapter set
RFIL-P2RFA-4013-SS DIN to N adapter set
 RFIL-RFA-4013 DIN adapter set
 RFIL-RFA-4310-01 4.3-10 Low PIM Adapter Kit mini DIN

Antennas: (requires adapter  ANR-1091-27)
ANR-2000-1030 SMA (m), 1.71 to 1.88GHz
ANR-2000-1031 SMA (m), 1.85 to 1.99GHz
ANR-2000-1032 SMA (m), 2.4 to 2.5GHz
ANR-2000-1200 SMA (m), 806-869MHz
ANR-2000-1035 SMA (m), 896-941MHz
 ANR-2000-1528-R GPS Antenna, SMA(m)
ANR-61532 Antenna kit

Recommended Power Sensor:
 ANR-PSN50, ANR-MA24104A, ANR-MA24106A,  ANR-MA24108A, or  ANR-MA24118A

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
7 " 10 " 2.5 " 53 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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