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Anritsu MS2034A
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Anritsu MS2034A

2MHz-4GHz Handheld VNA Master Plus

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ANR-MS2034A/10/27/31/Bias Tee variable voltage/Channel scanner/GPS receiver w/antenna
Catalog Description

Anritsu MS2034A

2MHz-4GHz VNA Master Plus

Handheld Vector Network and Spectrum Analysis for General Purpose Applications
List price includes hard transit case ANR-760-235

Will require a calibration kit or other support pieces, see below.

Handheld Vector Network features:
2-port handheld vector network analyzer
Frequency range: 2MHz-4GHz
Frequency resolution: 10Hz
Dynamic range: +70dB, 2MHz to 10MHz
+ 80dB, 10MHz to 3GHz

Spectrum Analysis features:
Frequency range: 100kHz-4GHz
Maximum input power: +30dBm continuous
Resolution bandwidth: (-3dB width) 10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3sequence
8MHz demodulation bandwidth
SSB Phase noise: -100dBc/Hz max at 10, 20, and 30kHz offset from carrier
DANL in 10Hz, 0dB attenuation:
Frequency: 10MHz to 4.0GHz -145dBm typical

Power Meter features:
Frequency range: 10MHz-4GHz
Display range: -80dBm to +80dBm
Measurement range: -60dBm to +30dBm
Offset range: 0 to +60dB
Maximum power: +30dBm (1W)

Optional features:
Power Monitor (option 5) requires external detector:
Bias Tee (option 10)
Vector Voltmeter (option 15):
Interface Analyzer (option 25)
Channel Scanner (option 27)
GPS (option 31) includes GPS antenna

Input test port connector type N (f)
RF out port type N (f) 50ohm
BNC (f) connector for external reference and external trigger
Reverse BNC connector for GPS antenna
RF detector type N (m) 50ohm
RJ45 connector for Ethernet 10/100-Base T
USB mini-A connector

Recommended Accessories:

Power Monitor Detectors
ANR-560-7N50B 0.01 to 20GHz, type N (m)
ANR-560-7S50B 0.01 to 20GHz, WSMA (m)

Detector Extender Cables
ANR-800-109 7.6m (25 ft)
ANR-800-110 15.2m (50 ft)
 ANR-800-111 30.5m (100 ft)
 ANR-800-112 61.0m (200 ft)

Coaxial Calibration Components
 ANR-OSLN50-1 Precision N (m) Open/Short/Load, 42 dB, 6GHz
 ANR-OSLNF50-1 Precision N (f) Open/Short/Load, 42 dB, 6GHz
 ANR-22N50 Precision N (m) Short/Open, 18GHz
ANR-22NF50 Precision N (f) Short/Open, 18GHz
ANR-SM/PL-1 Precision N(m) Load, 42 dB, 6.0GHz
ANR-SM/PLNF-1 Precision N(f) Load, 42 dB, 6.0GHz
ANR-23L50 Precision 3.5mm (m) Short, 9GHz
ANR-23LF50 Precision 3.5mm (f) Short, 9GHz
ANR-24L50 Precision 3.5mm (m) Open, 9GHz
ANR-24LF50 Precision 3.5mm (f) Open, 9GHz
ANR-28L50R Precision 3.5mm (m) Load, 9GHz
ANR-28LF50R Precision 3.5mm (f) Load, 9GHz
ANR-2000-767 Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16(m), 4.0GHz
 ANR-2000-768 Precision Open/Short/Load, 7/16(f), 4.0GHz

Precision Adapters
 ANR-34NN50A N(m)-N(m), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-34NFNF50 N(f)-N(f), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm

ANR-1091-26 N(m)-SMA(m), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-1091-27 N(m)-SMA(f), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm
ANR-1091-80 N(f)-SMA(m), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm
ANR-1091-81 N(f)-SMA(f), DC to 18GHz, 50 ohm
ANR-510-102 N(m)-N(m), 90 right angle, DC to 11GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-90 7/16 DIN(f)-N(m), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-91 7/16 DIN(f)-N(f), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-92 7/16 DIN(m)-N(m), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-93 7/16 DIN(m)-N(f), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-96 7/16 DIN(m)-7/16 DIN(m), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm
 ANR-510-97 7/16 DIN(f)-7/16 DIN(f), DC to 7.5GHz, 50 ohm

Test Port Cables Armored
 ANR-15NN50-1.5C 1.5 meters, N(m)-N(m), 6GHz, 50W
ANR-15NN50-3.0C 3.0 meters, N(m)-N(m), 6GHz, 50W
ANR-15NN50-5.0C 5.0 meters, N(m)-N(m), 6GHz, 50W
 ANR-15NNF50-1.5C 1.5 meters, N(m)-N(f), 6GHz, 50W
 ANR-15NNF50-3.0C 3.0 meters, N(m)-N(f), 6GHz, 50W
ANR-15NNF50-5.0C 5.0 meters, N(m)-N(f), 6GHz, 50W
ANR-15ND50-1.5C 5.0 meters, N(m)-7/16 DIN(m), 6GHz, 50W
 ANR-15NDF50-1.5C 5.0 meters, N(m)-7/16 DIN(f), 6GHz, 50W

Port Antennas (requires  ANR-1091-27)
 ANR-2000/1030 SMA(m), 1.71 to 1.88GHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1031 SMA(m), 1.85 to 1.99GHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1032 SMA(m), 2.4 to 2.5GHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1035 SMA(m), 896 to 941MHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1200 SMA(m), 806 to 869MHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1361 SMA(m), 5725 to 5825MHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1473 SMA(m), 870 to 960MHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1474 SMA(m), 1.71 to 1.88GHz, 50W
 ANR-2000/1475 SMA(m), 1920 to 1980, 2.11 to 2.17GHz, 50W

ANR-1N50C Limiter, N(m) to N(f), 50W, 0.01 to 50GHz

ANR-42N50-20 Attenuator, 20dB, 50W, DC to 18GHz, N(m)-N(f)
 ANR-42N50A-30 Attenuator, 30dB, 50W, DC to 18GHz, N(m)-N(f)

GPS Antenna
 ANR-2000/1410 Magnet Mount GPS Antenna with 15 ft (4.6m) cable
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
12 " 8 " 3 " 25 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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