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Transformer, Power Factor Test Sets, Partial Discharge

Electro Rent provides a wide range of equipment for assessing the performance of transformers and electrical power systems. Measurement parameters include power factor, transformer turns ratio, winding resistance, insulation and moisture content. Sweep Frequency Response Analyzers are also available to detect mechanical failure or movement of the windings in a transformer.

Transformer and electrical power systems test equipment is available from Doble, Megger, OMICRON, Raytech, Vaisala, Vanguard and other manufacturers.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase transformer, power factor test sets, and partial discharge test equipment to meet your short and long-term needs.

Doble M4000 Automated Insulation/Power Factor Analyzer

Doble Automated Insulation/Power Factor Analyzer

  • Determine insulation quality of high power apparatus in the field
  • Maximum test current: 300mA @ 10kV; Maximum test voltage: 12kV
  • Measures power factor for all impedances
Doble M5400 Swept Frequency Response Analyzer

Doble Swept Frequency Response Analyzer

  • Used to confirm mechanical problems in transformers such as core movement and winding deformation and displacement
  • The M5400 requires an external laptop (available from RUSH Computer Rentals An Electro Rent Company if needed) for operation
  • Provides frequency response measurements from 10 Hz to 25MHz to diagnose: core and magnetic properties; winding movement and deformation; and interconnections (leads and tap changers)
Megger Delta 4310 12kV Insulation Diagnostic System

Megger Delta 12kV Insulation Diagnostic System

  • Insulation power factor/dissipation factor test set designed for condition assessment of insulation on transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arrestors and rotating machinery
  • Automatic tip-up, voltage, current, power (loss), tan delta, power factor and capacitance tests
  • Lightweight 2-piece design (33 lbs. and 48 lbs.)
OMICRON CPC100 Primary Test System for Substation Commissioning

OMICRON Primary Test System for Substation Commissioning

  • Tan Delta and power factor testing on various assets such as cables, current transformers, voltage transformers and power transformers
  • Transformer package includes CP SB1 for automated turns ratio; CP CT including ratio, burden excitation curve, winding resistance; CP VT ratio, burden, voltage withstand test for voltage transformers
  • 800 Amps for primary current testing
  • CPCU1 optionally available for k-factor, cable and ground impedance measurements
OMICRON DIRANA- Dielectric Response Analyzer

OMICRON Dielectric Response Analyzer

  • Used to determine moisture content in power transformers, paper-mass insulated cables, bushings and instrument transformers
  • Two channels aids time savings by testing multiple windings/test points
  • Dissipation factor plotted against frequency is compared with model data- only oil temperature needs to be entered
Raytech TR-SPY-MARKIII Automatic 3-phase Turns Ratio Meter (TTR)

Raytech Automatic 3-phase Turns Ratio Meter (TTR)

  • Automatic measurements of turns ratio, current and phase displacement
  • Tap changer interface              
  • Measures power transformers PTs and CTs        
Raytech WR50-12 2-Channel Winding Resistance Meter (WRM)

Raytech 2-Channel Winding Resistance Meter (WRM)

  • Core demagnetization and heavy duty protection circuit
  • 10ma to 50A at 50V; 0.05 micro to 100k ohms      
  • Fast discharge              
Vaisala DM70 Handheld Dewpoint Meter

Vaisala Handheld Dewpoint Meter

  • Designed for industrial spot checking and calibration
  • -60 to +20 degrees C Td probe
  • Data logging up to a month, dependent on interval
  • Rechargeable battery; MI70link software with USB cable
Vanguard ATRT-03B-S2 3-Phase Turns Ratio Tester (TTR)

Vanguard 3-Phase Turns Ratio Tester (TTR)

  • Three test voltages (8Vac, 40Vac, 100Vac) allow for testing of PTs, CTs and power transformers
  • 0.8 to 15,000 ratio-measuring range with 5-digit resolution
  • Turns ratio, excitation current and phase-angle readings displayed on large back-lit LCD
  • Test plans can be transferred to computer by RS-232C, USB and USB Flash drive ports
Vanguard EZCT2000C Current Transformer Test Set

Vanguard Current Transformer Test Set

  • CT excitation, current-ratio, polarity, CT load burden and phase angle tests
  • Measures insulation resistance and winding resistance of the current transformer (CT) secondary winding
  • Automatic performance of test connected to all CT output terminals
  • Stores 128 CT test plans and 140 test records internally
Vanguard TRM-40 Transformer Winding Resistance Meter (WRM)

Vanguard Transformer Winding Resistance Meter (WRM)

  • 2 channel DC resistance readings for transformer windings, rotating machine windings or any DC resistance values of an inductive device
  • Test current selectable from 1A to 40A; 60Vdc power supply; I micro-ohm to 500 ohms
  • RS-232C, USB and Bluetooth
EA Ultratev-Plus Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

EA Technology Partial Discharge (PD) Detector

  • Handheld unit can be set for single shot assessment of critical PD activity or continuous partial discharge detection for rapid sweep of substation assets
  • Provides audible and numerical ultrasonic readings and numerical TEV readings
  • UltraDish waveform concentrator with laser pointer for overhead line equipment