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Power Quality and Demand Analyzers, Data Recorders

The quality of electrical power is concerned with continuity of service, variations in voltage magnitude, voltage and current transients, and harmonic content in AC power waveforms. Electro Rent provides a wide range of power quality test equipment and data loggers that allow the measurements of voltage, current, frequency and the high-speed capture of voltage and current transients.

Power quality analyzers provide 3-phase multi-channel operation. Demand recorders include modular chart recorders, scopecorders and hard disk recorders. Electro Rent provides equipment from AEMC, Dranetz, Fluke, Hioki and Yokagowa.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase power quality equipment to meet your short and long-term needs.

AEMC 8335 PowerPad 3 Phase Power Quality Meter

AEMC PowerPad 3 Phase Power Quality Meter

  • 3 phase; 8 channel (4V and 4A)          
  • DataView software included          
  • Includes (4) 3000A CTs          
Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer

Dranetz Power Quality Analyzer

  • 3 phase; 8 channel (4V & 4A)
  • Monitors and records power quality and demand data
  • Independent V and A triggering          
  • Optional 400Hz operation          
Fluke 1735 3 Phase Power Logger

Fluke 3 Phase Power Logger

  • 3 phase; 8 channel (4V & 4A)          
  • Record power for 45 days          
  • Measures fundamental waveforms up to 50th order
  • Includes Power Log software and 4 current transformers (15A/150A/3000A)
Fluke 1750 3 Phase Power Recorder

Fluke 3 Phase Power Recorder

  • 3 phase; 10 channel (5V and 5A)          
  • PDA wireless “front panel interface”
  • Includes (4) 400A CTs; up to 5000A CTs available
Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke Power Quality Analyzer

  • 3 phase; 8 channel (4A and 4V)          
  • Power Log and Fluke View software
  • Includes (4) 3000A flexible CTs
Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer

Hioki Power Quality Analyzer

  • 3 phase: 8 channel (4A and 4V)          
  • SD memory card; USB port          
  • Includes (4) 500A CTs; Up to 5000A CTs available
Yokagowa DL850 Scopecorder

Yokagowa Scopecorder

  • High speed (up to 100MS/s); high resolution (up to 16 bit)
  • Continuous hard disk recording on 16 channels
  • 15 plug-in modules