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Instrumentation and Controls / Sound / Vibration / Flow / EMC Testers

Electro Rent provides a range of systems to support the measurement and control of equipment used in industrial applications. Control devices include communications equipment conforming to Fieldbus and HART Fieldbus (Highway Addressable Transducer) protocols. Measurement equipment includes noise, ultrasound, vibration, corrosion thickness, EMC and flow meters.

Instrumentation and control equipment is available from Altek, Bruel & Kjaer, Emerson, Fluke, Jofra, Megger, Olympus, Polysonics and Haefeley.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase instrumentation and control equipment to meet your short and long-term needs.

Altek 23760T Universal RTD Calibrator

Altek Universal RTD Calibrator

  • Calibrates various RTD monitoring and measuring devices
  • Designed to operate with pulsed excitation currents
  • Simulates and reads RTDs over wide industrial range
Bruel & Kjaer 2250E Handheld Sound Level Analyzer

Bruel & Kjaer Handheld Sound Level Analyzer

  • Dynamic range in excess of 120 dB
  • Broadband linear frequency range of 3Hz to 20kHz
  • Includes frequency analysis software and logging software
  • USB and Compact Flash Memory Card
Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator

Emerson Process Management Field Communicator

  • Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and optionally FOUNDATION fieldbus devices
  • 32MB of application memory and 1GB of memory on system card
  • 3.5 in. VGA color display
  • Rechargable Lithium-Ion power module (40 hrs. typical use); Bluetooth
Fluke 810 Vibration Tester

Fluke Vibration Analyzer

  • Identification and location of most common mechanical faults (bearings, misalignment, unbalance and looseness)
  • Repair recommendations advise technicians of corrective action
  • Tri- axial accelerometer reduces measurement time by 2/3 over single-axis accelerometer
  • Laser tachometer for accurate machine running speed
  • Eight hour battery time under normal conditions
Jofra 650SE 4 Inch Well Calibrator

Jofra 4 inch well calibrator

  • Temperature range- +50 to 650 degrees C; +122 to 1202 degrees F
  • Heating time to max- 24 minutes
  • ½ inch and ¼ inch insertion tubes are supplied with unit
Megger 569001 Ultrasonic Leak Corona Tester

Megger Ultrasonic Leak Corona Detector

  • Ultrasonic intensity is indicated on a 0-10 linear scale showing relative level
  • Includes hand-held, insulated transducer probe with 5.5 ft. cable
  • Additional directional horn, sound concentrator and headset
Olympus 37DL Ultrasonic Corrosion Thickness Gage Panametrics

Olympus Ultrasonic Corrosion Thickness Gage Panametrics

  • Available with either a 4mm x 3.5m or 6mm x 3.5m anti-fray abrasion resistant insertion tube
  • All tubes include interchangeable tip adapters: 120 degree direct view and side view
  • Compact, lightweight and battery powered
Polysonics DCT7088 Transit Time Flowmeter

Polysonics Portable Digital Flow Meter

  • Accuracy to 0.5%; 0.01ft/s flow sensitivity
  • Bidirectional flow measurement      
  • 40,000 point data logger        
  • UltraScan diagnostics and waveform analysis
Haefely EMC AXOS5 5kV Immunity Test Set

Haefely 5kV Immunity Test Set / Surge Test System

  • Integrates all the best features of standalone test systems into one solution for compliance and pre-compliance testing of electrical and telecom products, CE marking and product development/debugging
  • 5 kV burst, surge combination wave, AC/DC dips and interrupts and integrated coupling/decoupling network
  • Automated testing of IEC/EN 61000-4-5 and other IEC/EN/ITU standards
  • Automated test reports and predefined test routines