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Inspection Equipment - Infrared, Borescopes and Cameras

Inspection is critical in the manufacture, QA or repair of equipment used in aerospace, automotive, industrial and many other applications. Electro Rent provides full range of visual inspection and thermal inspection equipment for the examination of materials and components.

The equipment includes thermal and infrared imaging cameras, video cameras and borescopes for the remote examination of difficult-to-reach locations. Inspection equipment is available from FLIR, Fluke, General Electric and Olympus.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase inspection equipment to meet your short and long-term needs.

FLIR e60 Point & Shoot Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR Infrared Camera

  • 320 x 240 pixels
  • -4 degrees F (-20 C) to 1,202 degrees F (650 C)
  • Touchscreen with picture in picture; 4-hour battery time
FLIR-T420 High Performance Infrared Camera

FLIR High Performance Infrared Camera

  • 320 x 240 pixels
  • -4 degrees F (-20 C) to 2,192 degrees F (1200 C)
  • Eye piece and 3.5 inch color LCD screen    
  • Instant report          
FLIR-T640 High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera

  • 640 x 480 pixels
  • -40 degrees F (-40 C) to 3,632 degrees F (2,000 C)
  • 5MP digital camera                        
  • Instant report                        
Fluke-TI32 Infrared / Thermal Imager

Fluke Infrared / Thermal Imager

  • Thermal imager with standard infrared lens
  • 320 x 240 pixels                    
  • -20 degrees C to +600 C                  
General Electric -XLG3 Videoscope / Borescope

General Electric Videoscope / Borescope

  • Available with P8480 8.4mm x 8.0m (26 ft.) inspection tube
  • Includes 120 degree direct view and side view optical adapters
  • Handheld remote control allows all inspection functions to be controlled with one hand
  • Capture, store, and transmit images and video via Internet
Olympus IPLEX FX IV8000-2 Videoscope / Borescope System

Olympus Videoscope / Borescope System

  • Available with either a 4mm x 3.5m or 6mm x 3.5m anti-fray abrasion resistant insertion tube
  • All tubes include interchangeable tip adapters: 120 degree direct view and side view
  • Compact, lightweight and battery powered

Olympus High Speed Video Camera System

  • Each system contains a color or monochrome (model dependent) high speed video camera
  • Camera display unit (CDU), interchangeable lenses and a photobeam light kit are included
  • 1,000 fps (Olympus i-SPEED 1 GB), 33,000 fps (Olympus i-SPEED 2) and 150,000 fps (Olympus i-SPEED 3) models available
  • ILP-1 and ILP-2 high intensity light sources and Olympus Infinity Lens Kits are available for rent separately