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Hipots, VLFs, Cable Testers and Fault Locators

Electrical insulation testing is essential to ensure a safe operating environment. Electro Rent provides a full range of insulation testing instruments including HiPot testers VLF test sets, tan delta testers and megohmmeters. The systems can be used to ensure the integrity of insulation materials and to identify and locate faults on power cables, rotating machinery and other highly capacitive loads.

Insulation and cable test equipment is available from HVI, High Voltage Diagnostics and Megger. AC hipot capabilities extend to over 100kV AC, DC hipot capabilities extend to over 200kV DC. VLF test sets are available as 25kV, 28kV, 30kV, 34kV, 60kV and 120kV models.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase hipots, cable testers and fault locaters to meet your short and long-term needs.

High Voltage, Inc. PTS-75 megohmmeter

HVI DC Hipot/High Voltage Megohmmeter

  • 75kV DC                
  • Control and high voltage section in one unit
  • Five range current meter        
  • Rugged, field proven construction
High Voltage, Inc. PFT-503CM AC Hipot Tester

HVI AC Hipot Tester

  • 50kV AC                
  • Control and high voltage section in one unit
  • Tests vacuum bottles
High Voltage, Inc. ALT-120-60CM Aerial Lift and Bucket Truck Tester

HVI Aerial Lift and Bucket Truck Tester

  • 0-120kVac @7kVa                  
  • Meets ANSI A92.2 testing requirements            
  • 120 volt, 30 amp input power                
  • Two piece unit                  
High Voltage Diagnostics HVA28-TD Tan Delta

High Voltage Diagnostics VLF and Integrated Tan Delta

  • Automatically performs tan delta test
  • Vacuum bottle testing mode
  • VLF- 20kVrms/28kV peak output; DC- 28kV
  • Weighs 31 lbs.        
High Voltage Diagnostics HVA60

High Voltage Diagnostics VLF/DC Hipot

  • Test 35kV and below cables found in utilities, wind and solar farms
  • Single piece VLF weighing only 126 lbs.        
  • VLF 44kVrms/ 62kVpk output @ .1Hz            
  • DC-60kV                    
High Voltage Diagnostics TD60

High Voltage Diagnostics Tan Delta

  • Trend cables over time to show gradual degradation
  • Perform diagnostics on MV cables according to IEEE400 and 400.2
  • Suitable for testing 35kV cables and below
  • Designed to work with HVA60 VLF system
Megger PFL22M-1500INV-EN portable cable fault locator

Megger Portable Cable Fault Locator

  • HV insulation testing to 20kV              
  • 8/16 kV, 1500 joules surge output              
  • Proof/burn up to 20kV, 115ma                
  • Integrated color TDR                    
  • Onboard inverter                    
Megger 656621 cable route tracer

Megger Cable Route Tracer

  • Consists of transmitter and receiver that detects the signal
  • Inductive or conductive connection of the transmitter
  • Cable, pipe and metallic conduit can be traced
  • Depth limit: 20-30 feet; Range: 5 feet to 3 miles