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Medium and High Voltage Breaker Testing (Timing Test Sets)

Get Reliable Breaker Readings

Having operating circuit breakers and protection relays is critical during faults to ensure a safe environment for everyone. To make sure this equipment works when needed, it is important to test them often. Precise measurements of circuit breakers require reliable circuit breaker test equipment.

At Electro Rent, our inventory includes a range of high and medium voltage breaker testing equipment. Available circuit breaker test equipment sets are ideal for applications involving >1000V and >72.5kV voltages. All measurements include the first trip point, timing and travel, moisture content, and timing analysis. While these testing sets are primarily used for circuit breakers, the equipment can be applied to other types of switchgear as well.

Whether you need circuit breaker timing test sets or medium voltage breaker testing equipment, discover leading manufacturers, including Camlin, DILO, Doble, RH Systems, Vanguard here.

Camlin Power Profile P3 Circuit Breaker First Trip Unit

Camlin Power Circuit Breaker First Trip Unit

  • Measures circuit breaker performance by capturing first trip.
  • Can measure total trip time (relay and circuit breaker).
  • 4 Trip Coil Overlays for onsite analysis.
  • Offline mode measures the main contact times when circuit breaker is isolated from the network.
DILO 3-037-R002 SF6 Moisture Measuring Device

DILO SF6 Moisture Measuring Device

  • Determines dewpoint of new or used gas at atmospheric pressure.
  • Connection hoses with DILO couplers (DN8 and DN20) included.
  • Electronic flow meter reduces sample to small amount.
  • Small unit: 12.75 x 6 x 15.25 inch, 25 lb.
Doble TDR900 Circuit Breaker Test System

Doble Circuit Breaker Test System

  • Timing and travel test set in a single box solution.
  • 3 phases with 4 breaks per phase.
  • Complete test reports in Excel format; external computer required.
  • Uses linear and rotary motion transducers.
Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System

Doble Circuit Breaker Test System

  • Up to 8 breaks per phase, for a total of 24 main contacts simultaneously.
  • Records contact bounce as low as 60 microseconds.
  • Digital rotary/linear transducer.
  • Instrument provides detail of total travel, overtravel, rebound, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, contact wipe and contact bounce.
RH Systems 973 SF6 Gas Analyzer

RH Systems SF6 Gas Analyzer

  • Measures humidity and SF6 purity in gas insulated switchgear; optional SO2 measurement capability.
  • Gas recovery system that stores during measurement and pumps back after measurement; starting and ending pressures are measured.
  • Humidity measured in ppmv, ppmw and dew/frost point at system pressure or standard pressure.
  • Purity measurement displayed in % volume SF6.
Vanguard CT-7000- 3 Channel Breaker Timer Analyzert

Vanguard 3 Channel Breaker Timer Analyzer

  • 3 contact input channels.
  • 3 digital travel transducer channels.
  • 2 voltage monitor channels (analog and digital)Includes linear transducer.
Vanguard CT-7500 3 Channel Breaker Timer Analyzer

Vanguard 3 Channel Breaker Timer Analyzer

  • 3 channel breaker timer analyzer.
  • 3, 6 and 12 dry contact inputs.
  • Traditional time and travel analyzer with Quick-Shot (online timing) Resistor type input channel for resistive transducers

Whether your testing needs are short or long-term, we have an acquisition option to fit. Rent, lease, or purchase breaker testers from Electro Rent today.