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Battery Test Sets

Battery testers are used to determine the condition of electrical batteries by measuring parameters such as the charge present in the cells, voltage output, charging capacity, internal impedance and intercell resistance.

Electro Rent offers a comprehensive range of battery testers that allow in-service or disconnected testing, the detection of ground faults in underground systems, systems testing of UPS systems and tests that comply with the IEEE standards. The details of the battery testing equipment available from Megger, Alber and Midtronics are presented below.

With Electro Rent’s flexible acquisition options you can rent, lease or purchase battery test equipment to meet your short and long-term needs.

Alber CRT-400 Cellcorder Battery Multimeter

Alber Cell Resistance Tester

  • Designed specifically to comply with IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
  • Reliable readings even in the noisiest environments
  • Full featured software easily identifies problem cells
  • Float voltage readings
  • Internal cell resistance measurement          
  • Intercell resistance connection          
  • Intertier resistance connection
Megger 246100B BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer

Megger Battery Ground Fault Tracer

  • Easily locates ground faults in ungrounded DC systems
  • Operates in high electrical noise environment
  • Simplifies fault tracing by identifying fault characteristic (resistive and capacitive) magnitudes
  • Wide fault resistance measurement range from 1k ohms to 399k ohms
Megger Bite2P Battery Impedance Tester

Megger Battery Impedance Tester

  • Determines condition of lead-acid and NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah
  • On-board Pass/Warning/Fail indications          
  • On-line testing                  
  • Requires no battery discharge              
  • Checks charger condition by measuring ac ripple current
  • PowerDB LITE allows data to be stored and allows custom reporting. (ideal for NERC & FERC requirements)
Megger Bite3 Battery Impedance Tester

Megger Battery Impedance Test Set

  • Determines health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah
  • Measures impedance, interconnection resistance and cell voltage
  • Measures float and ripple currents
  • Includes PowerDB LITE Management Software
Megger Torkel 860 Battery Load Unit

Megger Battery Load Unit

  • Batteries can be tested “in service”
  • Unit adjusts to include load currents in the test parameters
  • User adjustable alarm and shutdown points to avoid excessive discharge
  • Max battery voltage- 480 V DC            
  • Max current- 115A            
Midtronics MDR-CTU-6000 Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer

Midtronics Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer

  • Tests individual lead acid cells or mono blocs (up to 16 Volts) in any common configuration, approximately 10-6000 Ah
  • Allows for the measurement of AC & DC voltage and current.
  • Scope mode displays AC ripple current and more
  • 12 battery manufacturers preloaded to expedite testing and record keeping process
  • Lighted probes increase visibility in confined battery cabinets and racks