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PCIe Design Test

PCIe Testing Equipment for All Applications

Our inventory has all of the tools you need to fully diagnose the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express backplane of your network. Electro Rent works with leading manufacturers, such as Keysight Technologies and Tektronix, so you have the most complete set of high quality tools available. Our technicians can assist you with all of your testing needs, and have the experience to recommend the best PCIe testing solution for your application.

We cover all of your PCIe design equipment needs, so our inventory has many options, including:


We have a wide selection of oscilloscopes to meet your needs. Our option include handheld models and bench models with capabilities that range from basic to ultimate performance in scopes and probes.

Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories

Electro Rent offers a range of probes and accessories to match every type of scope. Use our helpful guide can to help you pick the correct probes and accessories for your test setup.

Network Analyzers

Our dedicated network analyzers are valuable tools when you need to perform a physical layer test—especially in interconnected designs.

BER Testers

We have various BER testers from industry leading manufacturers. Consults our selection guide to make sure you choose the correct models for your needs.

Each of the PCIe testing devices we offer are fully tested and calibrated by trained technicians. Learn more about the components we offer when you reach out to us today.