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Load Pull

What is Load Pull?

Having the right load pull system is an important tool for measuring and sweeping multiple test parameters. With this system, RF designers can characterize high power devices. While some technicians may believe a vector network analyzer provides similar results, those devices can’t get a true load pull measurement. Only an LP system actually tunes to specific impedances and reports measurement parameters in real life conditions. Gain compression of an active device
  Gain compression of an active device

When you choose an active of hybrid LP system, it allows designers to focus on common parameters when optimizing devices including gain, output power, voltage current, power added efficiency, intermodulation, error vector magnitude, and more. By sweeping the smith chart you obtain important load pull contours.

Single parameter contour Multiple parameters contours Single parameter contour   Multiple parameters contours

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Gain Compression

With an LP system, designers can better examine compression. Gain compression is one of the first parameters designers look at when optimizing devices. The compression point determines how deeply a device is driven into a nonlinear state. When a device reaches its compression point, the gain of the devices drops, so the output of a nonlinear system is not directly proportional to the input.

Optimal Load Pull Measurement

At Electro Rent, you can find devices from Focus Microwaves, a pioneer for load pull, harmonic load pull, and noise measurements. The company’s products cover the widest frequency range with fundamental tuners available from 10 MHz up to 65 GHz, so you can cover multiple standards with one tuner.

Focus MicrowavesAutomated tuners, multi-harmonic and manual tuners, test fixtures, and calibration kits are available for purchase or rent from Electro Rent—the exclusive North American representative and world partner for all Focus Microwaves devices. Automated tuners from Focus Microwaves are used in applications including Load Pull, Pulsed IV and Noise Measurements.