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High-Speed Serial Devices

Ethernet & USB Test Equipment

Electro Rent has all of the tools you need when it comes to ethernet test equipment for high-speed serial devices with USB 3.0, display ports or high speed Ethernet connections. Due to the relationships Electro Rent has built with leading manufacturers, these complete tools are the most sophisticated on the market, and come from companies like Keysight Technologies and Tektronix.

Our product selection guide can help you find the best USB test equipment for your application. Choose from several categories including:


We have a wide selection of oscilloscopes to meet your needs. We carry a range of options including handheld models and bench models that offer a number of variations from basic to ultimate performance.

Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories

Electro Rent offers a range of accessories to match every type of scope. Our useful guide can help you pick the correct probes and accessories for your setup.

Network Analyzers

Our dedicated network analyzers can be valuable tools when you need to perform a physical layer test—especially in interconnected designs.

Logic Analyzers, Protocol Exercisers, and Analyzers

Whether you want to upgrade your logic analyzer or just need one for a short-term project, we have the equipment to satisfy your high-speed serial test needs.

BER Testers

We have various BER testers from industry leading manufacturers. Consult our selection guide to make sure you choose the correct models.

Contact Electro Rent today and let us take care of all your ethernet test equipment needs.